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video with chapters - basic questions

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Mark Palmos
video with chapters - basic questions
on Aug 30, 2012 at 12:34:50 pm

hello guys,
one of my clients wants a video with chapters to distribute on their intranet... not to need connectivity once downloaded so must stand alone, not hosted on a site.

can flash make a single file which contains chapter markers?

is there an ez tutorial to do this? it does not require a menu, just chapters and a way to navigate between them?


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demetri tashie
Re: video with chapters - basic questions
on Aug 30, 2012 at 5:20:16 pm

the broad answer is that yes flash can do this - i.e. create and handle video with chapters to be distributed on an intranet.

you suggest that it should be a single file. i imagine that you would be OK if the complete project was self contained. some of the files will need to reference other files. for instance, a main swf references the video file - which you wouldn't want embedded in the swf, and also possibly references a 'skin' swf for the video player ( unless you custom code it yourself)

the chapters you refer to would be handled one of 2 ways. first would be to embed navigation CUE_POINTS into the video as you are encoding it (Adobe Media Encoder does a good job at this). I personallay prefer embedded cuepoints as opposed to actionscript cue points. then the video player in your project swf is coded to listen for/utilze those cue points to navigate to 'chapters'

another way is to break up the video into separate files for each 'chapter'. the video player is coded such that if you want them to play seemlessly, they can and will, and that calling any specific 'chapter' is really making a call to swap out and play the requested video file/chapter.

using and understanding arrays is real helpful for this.

here is a link to an older tutorial i wrote awhile back which incorporates a similar scenario using cuepoints click here

here is a link to one that uses separate video files: click here

both of them are older outdated tutorials which i actually took down, as i wanted to update them, just never got around to it. most of the info there is still useful though.

there is plenty more material out there ( and also here on Creative Cow !) about using cuepoints, seekToNextNavCuePoint, etc. some good information from Adobe Docs is found here

i hope this helps to get you started. if you have any specific questions, i'd be glad to help you if i can.

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Mark Palmos
Re: video with chapters - basic questions
on Aug 30, 2012 at 6:08:00 pm

Hi there Demetri,

Thanks very much for the generous response.

Im a complete flash ignoramus... work entirely in video and ENCODE flv files, but have not used Flash more than to see how difficult it is to grasp ;)

It sounds like the easiest method would be to create cuepoints in AME, but then I wouldnt want to learn how to author in Flash as the next step... I was hoping, after making those cue points, there was some way to save it as a shockwave movie or something with Next> and
I reckon it would be a really nice little app someone could create, something that requires zero authoring skills and allows the user to build a basic video with navigable cue points.

Thanks again,


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Mark Palmos
A great solution for basic chapters embedded in a video file
on Aug 30, 2012 at 8:37:14 pm

Woo hoo...

Ok here's the deal.

If you want a REALLY easy way to add chapters to a regular single video file, the thing to do is to create chapters in a MKV file. MKV (names after russian dolls, matroshka) play with most video players, and VLC player has a Chapter sub menu in Playback which gives you a list of your chapters, easy to choose!

1/ download for pc linux or even mac
2/ choose your MP4 file rendered from Premiere / Media Encoder as your input file
3/ go to the Chapter Editor menu, choose New Chapters
4/ go to the Chapter Editor tab, click to Add Chapter
5/ enter start code for that chapter in the 00:00:00.000 format (last 3 digits are miliseconds, so ignore if you like, ie leave them as 000)
6/ name each chapter descriptively
7/ go to chapter editor menu, Save the chapter AS
8/ go to Global tab and browse to find Chapter File you just created
9/ press Start Muxing... and a few seconds later, DONE!

Use vlc player, and see your chapters listed in the Playback > Chapters menu.


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