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SWF Problem ; www. vs. [no www]

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Michael Turner
SWF Problem ; www. vs. [no www]
on Feb 1, 2012 at 9:04:19 pm

Greetings: Hello, and thanks very much in advance for any help. On a scale of ten, I come in at a solid 3.5 with regard to experience with web design - but I really need this job, so I'm trying to learn as fast as I can.

Intro: I've inherited a website that has an easily defined problem on the home page, but I am really stuck for the solution.

Problem description: There is a file: homepage.swf , that contains a simple three-part slide show, which simply loops unless clicked on a particular slide; the user then is taken to an appropriate page. The content works perfectly in some browsers when viewed using the full www. URL, but will not do so when omitting the www. Here are the current functionality results:
Chrome 16.0.9: www. OK [no www] no
FF 3.6.26: www. OK [no www] no
IE8: www. no [no www] no
Safari 5.0: www. no [no www] no

What I've tried / looked at:
- Changing all content in the file to have full [http://www.] paths
- Making sure that the files called by the page are in the correct directories or subdirectories
- A fresh import of the swf file via Dreamweaver, and re-publishing the page

Support files: <--- Page in question <--- The swf file

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and best wishes, Michael

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Pieter Helsen
Re: SWF Problem ; www. vs. [no www]
on Feb 1, 2012 at 10:43:30 pm

I'm having trouble reproducing the issue. Am I to assume that the issue is that the images in the slideshow are not showing?

It seems your .SWF file is trying to find a file called images.xml in the following folder:

It isn't able to find that .xml file and hence, is returning a 404 page.

Kind regards,

General notice: from now on, I would like to ask everyone to put [AS2] or [AS3] (corresponding to the version of actionscript you are using on your project) in front of their post titles when the question is actionscript related! Please help us help you faster. Thank you.

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Michael Turner
Re: SWF Problem ; www. vs. [no www] - SOLVED
on Feb 1, 2012 at 10:56:56 pm

Hello, Pieter, and thank you for responding.

>> Am I to assume that the issue is that the images in the slideshow are not showing?

Yes, please. The images would only show in Chrome and Foxfire, and only when the www. is used in the browser URL.

I do not have a Flash development program, so I was unable to see that the SWF file was looking for images.xml . I located a backup copy of images.xml, and uploaded, and the site now works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your kind help. I am very grateful for your time and talent, and send you Best Wishes!

Best Regards, Michael

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