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(Buttons not working) after thier timeline is navigated

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Jessica Bassett
(Buttons not working) after thier timeline is navigated
on Jul 22, 2011 at 6:47:55 pm

Hi everyone I hope some one can help me out with this. Cus it's part of a website that's due august 1st >_<

-Alright so I have made a next, and a prev button. That navigate the timeline inside an mc "tabs_mc." This mc is
on the the main stage.
-When the next and prev buttons are pressed they goto 1 of 4 frame labels on this timeline inside tabs_mc.
-When one of these lables is reached an mc "thumbs" appears on the screen / stage.
-These mc's "thumbs1, thumbs2, thumbs3, and thumbs4" contain buttons that SHOULD be clickable.
-But are not after the prev, and next buttons are press. They are before the next, and prev button are press, but not after.

Any ideas as to way this is or even better how to keep these buttons enabled after the next, prev buttons are clicked?
I thought of making some sort of boolean to tell the each button that is needs to stay "true" after prev, and next are pressed.
But I'm a beginner so I don't know where to start. And i don't have anymore time for hours of research, so please HELP!

Heres the next, and prev button code:

//Button Listeners
/////next_mc.buttonMode = true;
/////prev_mc.buttonMode = true;

next_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, nextSection);
prev_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, prevSection);

function nextSection(event:MouseEvent):void {

var thisLabel:String = tabs_mc.currentLabel;//gets current frame label as string
var thisLabelNum:String = thisLabel.replace("thumbs","");//cuts the leading letter off of the number
var curNumber:Number = Number(thisLabelNum);//convert that sting number to a real number
if (curNumber < 4) {

var nextNum:Number = curNumber + 1; //adds 1 to the number so it can go to the nxet frame label
tabs_mc.gotoAndStop("thumbs" + nextNum); //this allows it to go to the next frame label


///////////////////////////////Previous Btn/////////////////////////////////
function prevSection(event:MouseEvent):void {

var thisLabel:String = tabs_mc.currentLabel; //gets curent frame label as string
var thisLabelNum:String = thisLabel.replace("thumbs","");
var curNumber:Number = Number(thisLabelNum);
var prevNum:Number = curNumber - 1; //subtracts 1 from the number so it can go to the prev frame label
tabs_mc.gotoAndStop("thumbs" + prevNum);

heres what the code for each of the buttons that arn't working looks like. there are 19 of them
The buttons are just movie clips with frame lables that indicate there up, over, and click states.

tabs_mc.thumbs1_mc.MtBaker_Thm_mc.buttonMode = true;

function MtBaker_Thm_btnOver (event:MouseEvent):void {
function MtBaker_Thm_btnUp(event:MouseEvent):void {
function MtBaker_Thm_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {
tabs_mc.thumbs1_mc. MtBaker_Thm_mc.gotoAndPlay("Click");

Thanx JAB

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