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Andrew Robinson
Personalised Videos
on Jun 1, 2011 at 2:04:21 pm


I am quite new to flash, I learnt a bit about it in Uni and am looking to getting back into it mainly to experiment and create personalized videos such as this:

My question is if anyone has done anything like this themselves? If so, what are the requirements? I found this video on the adobe website The video gives the impression that "all" you need is After Effects and Flash, is this accurate?

How about displaying these videos, can they just be placed on a standard web server like any website? or does it have specific requirements?

Any information you may have, web sites? video tutorials? Books? I would highly appreciate it.

Much thanks!

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demetri tashie
Re: Personalised Videos
on Jun 1, 2011 at 2:53:16 pm

Hi Andrew,

Yes, that video does seem to be a combination of Flash, After Effects, and of course some top notch footage, composed and edited in a good video editing program ( Premiere, Final Cut, etc ).

Don't get fooled into thinking this is easy - it does take work, and talent of course. First up is of course shooting your video correctly, and editing it correctly ( professionally).

That footage brought into AE can then do what AE is good at - adding effects - like the smoke, clouds and possibly the blood, in that video. once all is well there, flash as far as i can tell ( i didn't delve deepy into it at all) reads the variables inputed via the form ( the first name, the hometown and the state) using some additional scripting language ( javascript/External Interface etc ) and inserts that into movieclips/dynamic text-fields overlayed on top of the video.

once created, it can be delivered like any other flash/video on your web page and server.

at least this is the way i would first broadly outline, think about, and arrange a project like this

clever. do-able. but like everything else - a lot of work. don't expect any magic bullet 'drag-and-drop-and-it-works' plugin - at least i don't know of any.

this is a complicated multi directional project - so i can't direct you to any specific books, websites or tutorials, as there are several subjects and programs involved, but i would suggest you read/brush up on these areas:

Flash: using dynamic text fields,movieclips, ExternalInterface calls ( from javascript to flash, not the other way around) ( or some other means to pass variables from the form to Falsh), Flash video

AE: be able to create all the effects you want

Video editing: be able to edit your footage

Videography/Filming: capturing great quality footage

There are other great forums here if you need help with any of those other areas besides Flash. If you have specific questions reagarding the Flash component of this project, let us know.

I hope this was helpful in some way. Maybe others have more information or different ideas and approaches they can share.

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Andrew Robinson
Re: Personalised Videos
on Jun 1, 2011 at 4:04:28 pm

Thanks Demetri,

I have been working in a video production company using after effects (my specialty) and FCP so I have a good understanding of the video production process. Its just the Flash part usually causes me to adopt a vacant expression for a few hours before slowly climbing underneath my desk to escape the world of action scrips and so on... SO, hopefully some books on the subjects that you mentioned should cure my ailment.

Have you attempted anything similar yourself?

Thanks for the advice,
Much appreciated!

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demetri tashie
Re: Personalised Videos
on Jun 1, 2011 at 7:31:07 pm

hi andrew,

yes i have attempted something like this myself - strictly as a learning exercise, and not trying to make something 'pretty' for a real project. for my learning, i tend to take on many different projects with a wide variety of scopes. my technique ( once again, for learning purposes) is to strip it down to its bare bones, and to get it to work. then, in a real wold project, it's just a matter of 'window dressing' to 'make it pretty'.

also- i forgot to mention that you should be familiar with working with Cue Points in Flash, as that is the way i would choose to trigger the events in the swf ( the names appearing at different points in the video)

my bare bone - but functioning - example can be seen here:

you enter a name, hit send, and the 24 second video starts. at about 11 seconds in, the cue point is triggered and the name you entered in the html appears inside the swf/flvplayer.

hope it gives you some ideas.

here's Adobe's documentatiaon on swapping information between javascript and Flash:

also check out Philip Kerman's article (an oldie but a goodie)

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danny vega
Re: Personalised Videos
on Oct 10, 2011 at 8:37:24 am

was gonna ask about this myself... Thanks for the info Demetri.

was wondering how you can pull this off with a moving target tough, and not just text. For example, if I want to film myself dancing with a green mask on (or some kind of markers), how can I put a picture someone uploads on top of that moving green face or target?

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