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Steve Bosman
Flash action script
on Dec 2, 2010 at 4:22:02 pm

Ok I'm following the snow globe tutorial.

I'm trying to add inter activity to the movie clip inside the snow globe. right now its just stopped at frame 1 and I would like to get it to go on to the next frame using the shake. Everything I've tried just seems to break the snow. Any help would be appreciated.

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Steve Bosman
Re: Flash action script
on Dec 2, 2010 at 7:09:24 pm

Ok I figured it out but I figured I'd post for the next guy. Cause I always hate it when people don't post how they solved the problem. You add a "name of clip".gotoAndPlay(); placed in the "" file where shown below I know this might be basic. But I'm happy I solved it.

public function update(e:Event):void
// this if/else statement controls the mouse over and out instead of using event listeners
if(mouseY < -175 || mouseY > 175 || mouseX < -175 || mouseX > 175){
if(over) onMouseOut();
if(!over) onMouseOver();

// drag around..
this.x = parent.mouseX - mouseDownOffset.x;
this.y = parent.mouseY - mouseDownOffset.y;
// keep this thing on the table :)
if(y >= bounds.height) y = bounds.height;
// if you "shake" or move the mouse quickly, we are going to reset the snow particles
var d:Point = new Point(Math.abs(old.x - x), Math.abs(old.y - y));
if(d.x > 25 || d.y > 25 ){

// here is where you add some code to start a movie clip.
// "SnowglobCont" is the name of the Instance name of the move.
// "STOTwo" is the name of the key frame.

// update the history position
old.x = x;
old.y = y;
vel.y = (y-old.y)/2;
// if you drop this object it should have a bit of realistic falling..
vel.y += gravity;
pos.y += vel.y;
// bounce
if(pos.y > bounds.height){
pos.y = bounds.height;
vel.y *= -(Math.random()*restitution);

y = pos.y;

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