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How make a flash menu like this one

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Daniel Brodén
How make a flash menu like this one
on Nov 30, 2010 at 1:39:10 pm


I want to have a menu like that one they have on this homepage. It is the one down to the left - with text that on rollover change the picture to the left of text.

Best regards,

Daniel Brodén

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demetri tashie
Re: How make a flash menu like this one
on Nov 30, 2010 at 6:00:01 pm

hi daniel,

i have been tossing around an answer to your question. on the one hand , it is quite easy to accomplish, but on the other hand, answering your brief question is not ..

the example you showed was not done in Flash, but preseumably just HTML/CSS & JavaScript.

The effect, whether done in Flash or not, is just a simple "RollOver" effect. Done in Flash, it can be accomplished a hand full of different ways. So in a sense, your question might actually be asking: how do i use Flash ?. that's why it is hard to answer with any specifics. there are different strategies and ways to approach your goal depending on your need and experience.

to do this effect you could:

- 1. opt to use a "Simple Button". Flash has built into it the ability to quite easily make a button that has rollover states. Usually the rollover states are directly on top of, or occupying the same position, as the normal state button. but there is no reason you can't make a 'dis-jointed' rollover by offsetting the image to the left of the word/ text which is being rolled over. a few buttons like that strategically placed would accomplish exactly what you see. This way requires no coding, and would be the quickest and easist way for someone with little or no Flash experience.

- 2. you could place all the images on different fames of the main timeline ( NOT recommended ) and when rolling over a certain text, use code to tell the timeline to go to the correct frame to reveal the correct image.

- 3. all the images could be in one movieclip symbol, which has its own timeline, with each image on a different frame. rolling over a particular line of text tells the movieclip to go to the necessary frame.

- 4. each image could be on the stage, as individual movieclip symbols, in place, but all of them either have their initial visibility set to 'false', or have their initial opacity set to '0'. then, via code, when the word is rolled over, the correct image becomes visible either through visibility being 'true' or its alpha being set to '1'( full opacity)

- 5. each image is in the Library, with an associated class/linkage name. the rollover calls the image to be added via 'addChild'

- 6. each image is left as an external image, which is called as needed into a Loader.

Each way ( and there are others ! ) except for #1 requires some basic actionscript. It requires knowing the basics of turning something ( an image, text, etc ) into a movieclip symbol and giving it a name.
it requires adding Event Listeners to symbols, and writing a simple function for the rollover function ( you will also need to attach rollOUT listeners and functions also).

if you choose #6, you need to create a 'Loader" either in code, or by using a pre-made compomemt.

this might sound like a lot but it is not that bad. any basic flash tutorial can give you information on any of those steps. i can't account for all your possible choices, so if you get stuck and need help with any particular step or version, please ask.

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Daniel Brodén
Re: How make a flash menu like this one
on Dec 2, 2010 at 1:21:12 am

Thank you a bunch... I´ll try to do it - but anyway thanx a lot.


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