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Loading with sound only played once but keeping hover over menu item sound intact

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Chris Slick
Loading with sound only played once but keeping hover over menu item sound intact
on May 21, 2010 at 9:29:35 pm

Hi All -

I have a flash header that was never completed because the guy I hired took people's money and ran. So now I even wonder if what he said could work with my flash header is true or not. But, usually there is always a way to make it work.

I have a flash header that does two important things: 1) Upon entering the site, it loads and plays an audio track 2) Makes an animal noise when you hover over each animal menu item. (not sure if I'm able to give a link to it or not on here. If I able to and someone would like to see it let me know)

I want to know if my flash header can support the following additional functionality/changes:

1) Currently, it loads everytime a page is selected. I only want it to load the one time of entering the site because the audio gets annoying. Set a cookie maybe?

2) But, I do not want to turn the audio off completely because I still want the hover over each menu item sound.

3) Have a link on it to allow them to select to turn on / off the sound completely. It currently has that, but only for the current page. Once you select another page, the audio is back to on.

4) Lastly, is there a way for it to detect that someone doesn't support flash and to display an html version of it? And can flash create a html version from my fla file?

I don't know much about flash (but am learning) so I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this myself. However, I want to find out if my flash header will even work this way before I invest the time learning it just for these changes. I know it will be pretty deep with script code, but I'm hoping I could find base code already available for these features. Not sure I can afford help now because of being laid off and two different scammers taking advantage of me. So I'm going to try to do myself and see if there is any suggestions/support on here that can help. I have Flash CS4.

Thanks for any help! :D

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demetri tashie
Re: Loading with sound only played once but keeping hover over menu item sound intact
on May 23, 2010 at 4:09:49 pm

sorry for your problems with unscrupulous people. i have always felt that there is no shame in saying ' i don't know how to do that' or ' that's not my specialty' than to try to fake it to a client. the truth alwyas seems to come out sooner rather than later

everything that you ask for can be done. you could create the whole site in flash, rather than just the header. flash can do all of that, and well.

if you just want a flash header in a more standard html navigation site, than you will also need a strategy to have the banner not reload when you change each 'page'. reloading a html page as you found out resets all the components of that page.

there are different ways to do it. some might consider using frames or iFrames ( a controversial practice). another strategy is to use javascript ( call it AJAX +DHTML, or whatever ) to accomplish this ( where you are actually loading a separate html page INSIDE the original page. or swapping out content rather than cahnging the whole page. other strategies are out there too. this should just give you an idea of what to explore. i don't think the Flash forum is the place to discuss them - why not try that end in the Dreamweaver forum ?

now for the Flash banenr part, you will be creating separate Sound Channels for each individual sound. you can manipulate each one as you like to create the effect you are looking for.

here's a ridiculously simple example just to show you the structure. it is just a bare bones example to illustrate clearly what is going on, and not meant to look pretty (!):

it is an html page which has a SWF ( the flash banner), a drop down menu, and a content area.

the drop down menu loads in the individual html pages into the content area via javascript recognizing and targeting CSS id tags)

the flash banner has a backgound mp3 which automatically plays. there are 2 buttons scripted with their own Sound/Sound Channel for roll-over. there is also a button which will toggle the background sound off/on.

to recap: if you are doing it on your own, you'll need to understand in Flash the use of Sound, Sound Channel, Sound transform, loaders ( assuming these are all externally loaded sounds), movie clips and event listeners.

for the html - css, javascript

i hope that leads you in the right direction. it's not necessaril;y beginner stuff, but if you understand each section, you can make it all work together.

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Chris Slick
Re: Loading with sound only played once but keeping hover over menu item sound intact
on May 25, 2010 at 9:28:56 pm

Hey thanks for your in depth reply! :)

That site you created is almost exactly like I want. Only difference is that the menu items are built into the flash. I had someone from another site send me some articles about SharedObjects and Sound Objects for doing all that I requested (well cept to make an html version which is the least important of them all). But, I'm finding that what I did learn about Flash a while back, it's not coming back to me real quickly. And, even then I didn't do any of my own code writing, just messed with graphics, images, timelines, etc.

The articles were pretty good, but were more advanced. I guess I'm going to have to search more tutorials on shared and sound objects that are a little more beginner level. If anyone reading this has a link to share or specific code to share, please do.

Thanks again Demetri :)

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