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Getting Clear FLV Files Into Flash CS3

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Benny Stracey
Getting Clear FLV Files Into Flash CS3
on Feb 21, 2010 at 4:17:18 pm


I am completely new to flash CS3 and over the weekend I have been looking around online and learning the basics.

What im aiming to do is create a banner ad that plays a short clip on mouse over.

After looking around online I finally found some code that would let me play a movie clip once some one mouses over a button that i applied the code to.

What it did was show the first frame of the flv file and then play on mouse over and then pause and hold the last frame.

So after testing out the code and getting it to work, i start working on my video. I made a short 5 sec clip in After Effects. Then i realized that any type of file i import into flash gets converted to an flv file, and the quality of this is very poor.

I did find something that would allow me to play a H.264 file inside of flash found here:

I managed to get this to work, and the quality was a little bit better, but with this coding i could not figure out how to make the video pause and then play on roll over. That code made the video play automatically.

Now im stuck and in need of some help. I either need to actually try and create my animations inside of Flash and then because i am still new to flash i then need to figure out a way to produce the banner i am in need of, i say that because creating the animations and effects inside of flash, i would not know how to make them play on roll over. I imagine that it will be different to how i have managed to get the video file to play on roll over.

Or i need to be able to get that crystal clear movie i created in after effects to be as clear inside of flash.

So is someone able to point me in the right direction?

Either to customize the coding found here: to play on roll over like i want it.

Or to explain how to go about making the animations inside of flash, because doing it this way it should come out clearer.

The banner ad is just some text and a picture with some fade in out effects ect.

Thank you. :)

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demetri tashie
Re: Getting Clear FLV Files Into Flash CS3
on Feb 21, 2010 at 5:20:36 pm

don't despair ! of course it can be done. but have you explored advice on using AE in Flash ? its done all the time . there is a lot of good info available. start with Lee Brimelow's tutorial on using AE in Flash.

however,using the tutorial you stated, one easy way ( there are usually several ways to accomplish anything) would be to create an invisible movieclip/button ( with its alpha property set to zero ) placed over the VideoObject. Give the movieclip/button an instance name "invisible_btn".

then you attach event listeners to the button to listen for the roll-over and roll-out event. when it hears the rollover, it tells the netstream to resume playing, and when it senses the rollout, it tells the netstream to pause.

unless you have it worked out another way, i would set the netstream to initially seek to zero ( its first or closest 'frame' ) and then to puase , so that you have a static image of the first 'frame'

this code makes it all work:""); // this was the last line of the tutorial you mention;

invisible_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, resumeVideo);
function resumeVideo(evt:MouseEvent):void {


invisible_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, pauseVideo);
function pauseVideo(evt:MouseEvent):void {


hope that helps. if you are not understanding the code outlined here, have a look at some basic Flashtutorials.
and always - ask questions !

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