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sketchup model in flash

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Dan Roth
sketchup model in flash
on Feb 11, 2010 at 8:43:39 pm

Is there anyway to dynamically manipulate a sketchup model in a flash movie? In other words, not just watch it rotate, but be able to pan and orbit it using the mouse?

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Aaron Kiersky
Re: sketchup model in flash
on Feb 12, 2010 at 8:59:38 pm

with swift 3d you can export a papervision enabled version:

otherwise, not so much from sketchup, I have set it up before where I render the model from 5 degree increments, then flash can switch the images fast enough that the effect turns out pretty nice.

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demetri tashie
Re: sketchup model in flash(more of a discussion than an answer)
on Feb 13, 2010 at 4:40:35 pm

the answer is no ... and yes.

i have only used SketchUp - the free version, and not the Pro version. i couldn't justify spending the money on it (around $500 ) if i wasn't going to use it that much. I would step up and buy it, if it could actually do just what you are asking- export a fully dynamic user controlled model that could be played on the web, for example. I tried getting good answers, but i don't think even the Pro version can do that.

that being said, i once needed to give someone a walk through of an apartment i made in Sketchup, so i recorded the walk through in SketchUp as a "video screens capture" which i converted to a flv. in my swf i added some buttons for simple control - just play, pause and stop to give the user those functions. of course they could not deviate from my 'route' - but it was quite effective for them.

i planned on taking this one step further, and to add more complex decision making into it. now i am psycehd to try it out again as a good combo design/coding exercise. if i do i will post my process and results. unfortunately right now my SketchUp skills got rusty. i remember finding it quirky to work with.

my approach, laid out in simple terms would be not to expect 100% decision making( meaning that the user at any point can do anything they want, like they were manipulating a native SketchUp file), but to give them points of decision.

let me illustrative my thinking process:

take for example a walk through of a small town. i would start it off walking down Main Street. no decision possibility other than to stop, pause, and to resume. these decisions would always be available.

the walk continues until i come to the intersection of Elm Street. i would have the movie pause and wait for the user's input to go forward, turn right, or turn left. i would have those buttons appear only at these decision points. if i was extra ambitious i would add the choice to turn around and retrace my walk.

depending on what decision was made, the coresponding video would then play until the next decision point was reached ( a storefront - do i go inside? or the next intesection, etc )

how to accomplish it:

maybe each choice possibility would be it's own small video clip which is loaded when called. design skills would be needed to make it appear flawless, of course....

these small clips would each be loaded into the video player upon call. or, i might have several players superimposed on each other, and through logic i would pre load all the upcoming choices. then whichever choice is made would either bring the correct one to the topmost 'z-level' , or else be manipulated through visiblity property. i would decide this after some testing to see if there is a lag or not in loading.

or another way might be to use one(or several) large videos with cue points for each 'section', and through logic expressions would play from the correct cue point.

there are other ways i can think of too, but that's good for now. hope this gives you, or others , some food for thought. i'd love to hear any one else's ideas, as i have several dream projects to work on using these concepts. anything to make it easier would be welcome !

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laurent diaz
Re: sketchup model in flash
on Apr 24, 2012 at 5:20:55 pm

Hi Dan,

The post is a bit old but maybe you are still looking for a solution.
There is a free tool called Spread3D Free Edition which directly converts your sketchup models to an interactive Flash web experience.

You can download it from

I hope it helps!

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