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Can't edit position and size of objects

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Michael Cummins
Can't edit position and size of objects
on Jan 20, 2010 at 1:45:48 am

I literally use Flash once a year, and this year we have CS4 so I'm relearning everything on what looks like a slightly different interface.

All that aside, I'm creating a very simple movie composed of powerpoint slides and an occasional video clip in one layer and an audio clip in another layer. Everythings been working well. I simply insert a keyframe, add a slide to the stage, position it just right, and then add frames to the duration I want (30fps). Then I create another keyframe after that, delete the slide carried over from the last frame, then extend the frames to the right duration. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I've gotten to frame 16025 and every frame before it has been gray. But this new keyframe and every subsequent frame is white. Also, the objects that I put onto the stage are automatically centered, and their position and size are no longer editable (I click into the field, enter the desired number, hit return, and it goes back to the default number).

Trashing preferences hasn't helped. I figure since I know just enough to be dangerous to my project, I've got some editing mode or something-another turned on. Any ideas? Quick replies are always welcome!

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Marcus Geduld
Re: Can't edit position and size of objects
on Jan 21, 2010 at 2:08:21 pm

Flash has a little-known 16000-frame limit, beyond which things get flaky. I'd actually wondered if they'd extended that in CS4, but from what's happening in your case, it doesn't sound like they have.

You'll either have to break your presentation into multiple movies (and use an Actionscript solution to link them together) or lower your frame rate and use fewer frames. (e.g. if your frame-rate is 30fps, lower it to 15fps and you can make a slide last for 5 seconds by using 75 frames instead of 150 frames. Make sure all videos are linked in (kept external) -- otherwise the disagreement between the video frame rate and the SWF frame rate will cause problems.)

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Michael Cummins
Re: Can't edit position and size of objects
on Jan 21, 2010 at 2:14:33 pm

Thanks for your reply. I discovered the 16,002 limit right before lunch yesterday. Since I'm not fluent at all in ActionScript, I decided to do three separate presentations to avoid that limit.

Then the finishing standards arrived. 427x240 encoded as H.264, then reencoded into OnVP6 FLV with a bit rate of 240kbps. While this renders the powerpoint slides entirely illegible, it made my job a little easier. So much for using Flash....

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