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Dynamic Daily Content Updates

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Jeremiah Genin
Dynamic Daily Content Updates
on Jan 13, 2010 at 4:25:11 pm

Note: I originally posted this in the Dreamweaver forum and was directed here. Below is my original question - thanks for the help!

I was wondering how to create dynamic content that would update daily, exactly how the one here does (look bottom of page right "journal reading"). The only thing I need to change/update daily is the text.

It may be called something else, and if this has been discussed and solved before, please link. I searched and didn't find what I needed. Thanks in advance!


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Mike Smith
Re: Dynamic Daily Content Updates
on Jan 13, 2010 at 5:51:37 pm

OK that's in Flash, but it doesn't need to be.

If you don't use Flash already, this here is the wrong place for you. If you do, then I guess you'd want to import your text as xml (or as named variable / contents of variable pairs in text files ) and have your swf use the contents to populate your dynamic text fields.

But if you want to, you could do this in simple html with an iframe ...
Since you're going to be having to update the source every day anyway, right ..?

I guess if you have a live rss feed from somewhere you want to use, you could look at something like

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Jeremiah Genin
Re: Dynamic Daily Content Updates
on Jan 13, 2010 at 7:13:55 pm

Thanks, however, this should be a one-time setup and not needing the source to be updated daily. It would be a "here it is" and changes to the appropriate entry daily, automatically. Note: It is not random, there is a specific reading plan that correlates with the date.

Thanks again!... Hopefully that makes sense :)


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demetri tashie
Re: Dynamic Daily Content Updates
on Jan 13, 2010 at 10:23:21 pm

i could come up with several flash driven ways to do this. This is really a form of building a clock function. Just think of it as being a clock which only tells you what day of the month it is. Then instead of telling you what day of the month it is, it tells you whatever line or lines of type you want ( or shows you wahtever image. or external SWF) you want to show that day.

By taking advantage of the Date Class built into Flash, and you can dynamically change content based on the Milisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month or Year.

1 approach:
have a Dynamic Text Field. then have a conditional switch statement in your code to load in the correct info based on what day of the month it is. example: on the 3rd day of the month, have " this is the 3rd Day" as the text. Stay on top of the code and re-upload new text every moth. Or do it based on the Date, and hard code it for longer lengths of time(up to 365 days ).

2nd apporach:
same as above, but have the daily info load in from an external XML file, so all you need to do is swap out the XML file to make your changes. your code just tells which node of the XML file to get the info from. a little trickier to set up, but could be easier to 'content manage'.

you can of course just as easily use external text files, or image files, or even external SWFs for your different content.

a long time ago i made a simple html page to reflect something like this to show someone else. the html gives an explanation, and there is a SWF in the HTML which has a dynamic text field which changes to show you the local hour based on a 24 hour clock. another dynamic text field shows you the day of the week( translated to Sunday-Saturday, as opposed to the given 0-6 which the Date Class returns). the SWF also has a Loader, which loads in 1 of 24 different jpegs, depending on which hour of the day it is. in this case it is a crudely drawn jpeg which tells you the 24 hour number, as well as the AM/PM translation.

It is not meant to be pretty - just to show clearly what is going on. you can see it up here:

if you need help with the code, let me know.

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