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ken drakeford
on Dec 28, 2009 at 12:15:13 am

Sorry for the manic introduction but I'm driven MAAD. I'm doing a 3 min video with a classic tween of an object moving around and changing angle on a layer of its own. Its position is critical to what's on other layers.

I fixed up a sequence in part and on playback I noticed in an earlier sequence the object had shifted all over the place. Fixed that up only to find in the other sequence the moving object the same happened. I fixed that up and the original one went off again.

I turned them into single keyframes but no difference.

So after that I gave up. Has this gremlin ever happened to anoyne else in cowland?

happy new year - regards - Ken

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Eddy Rose
Re: Classic Tween DRIVING MEE CRAAZEE - AAAgh!!
on Dec 31, 2009 at 7:24:02 pm

hmm,, when you tween the graphic (i'm assuming this library object is a graphic) do you have it starting from a specific keyframe in the graphics sequence? Or are you just playing the graphic straight through chronologically?

My first guess would be to mess around with the properties of each keyframe. Is the sync option on for the graphic? Check and make sure the properties of each keyframe are what you want them to be,,

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demetri tashie
Re: Classic Tween DRIVING MEE CRAAZEE - AAAgh!!
on Jan 31, 2010 at 8:29:56 pm

i am just seeing this now. don't know if you figured this out - or even care anymore : - )

based on the limited information given, i am guessing that you used copies of the same movie clip in these various locations. you should be aware that when you edit the content of one copy of the clip, you are changing/editing ALL copies of that clip. so going back and forth between the two ( or more) will drive you crazy.

to get around this,what you do is , after copying the clip that you want, you should then duplicate the symbol. you can do this most simply by right-clicking the symbol and choosing "duplicate symbol". give it a new name if wanted, rather than the default new name given to it. if the original copy had an instance name attached to it, give this a unique instance name. now you can edit the new symbol ( or the old one) without effecting the other.

you can manipulate copies of a symbol on the stage ( resize it using the Free transform Tool, for instance), but to sum it up - you can't click inside a copy to edit it without effecting all copies with the same name. that is why you duplicate it and it will have a new symbol name ( which is different from talking about the instance name ). a duplicated clip is different from a copied clip.

you can always check a symbol's name through the Properties Inspector

hope that can help someone.

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