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Movie clips in Flash CS3

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Paul McMahon
Movie clips in Flash CS3
on Oct 10, 2009 at 10:25:53 pm

Hi there,

Totally new to creative cow, Ive never used a forum for flash help before so you'll have to excuse my naivety. I need some help getting to grips with movie clips in Flash. I import an image from photoshop as a psd file and convert it into a vector image by using trace I then convert the image into a movie clip that's all straight forward enough. The image is of a cloud and I want to do a simple tween from left to right so I double click to "go inside" the image and tween from frame 1 to 50, thats all fine too.
The problem Im having is when I go to use the same cloud image from the library it wont allow me to change the tween without affecting the first one. I want the second cloud to be larger and go from frame 1 to 35 to give a sense of depth but it seems to affect the first cloud.

Also, can I place a few images on one layer as movie clips, snow flakes for example? Can I have just a snowflake layer and have a couple of snowflake movie clips all playing by themselves when I test the movie or do they have to be on seperate layers?


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Robert Meade
Re: Movie clips in Flash CS3
on Oct 11, 2009 at 6:09:34 am

I'm not quite sure exactly what the issue is. However, I will give a shot at trying to trouble shoot it. First when you go into your library after you've imported an image file to your library and then you created a movie clip out of it you should now see what seems to be two files. You will see the image file and you will see the movie clip. Try always having separate layers for separate animations. Thus create a new layer and then take the image file not the movie clip and drop it on the new layer. Than create a movie clip out of that and give it a new name like Cloud2. Hopefully this will allow it to function as its own and allow you to edit it separately. Also, label your layers and always give your elements (I.E. Movie Clips, Symbols, Buttons, Components, etc.) their own unique Instance Names. This will all also help when using ActionScript later. Try these steps and perhaps you will see your problem go away.

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demetri tashie
Re: Movie clips in Flash CS3
on Oct 11, 2009 at 7:53:52 pm

when you say it won't allow you to use the same image in the library i assume you actually mean use the same symbol, without changing the original one.

if you create a movie clip successfully, and want to use multiple copies, each with modifications within the movie clip, then from the library, properties inspector,ets, choose 'Duplicate Symbol".

you can then make whatever changes you want without effecting the original ( make sure any other movieclip/graphic symbols inside it are likewise duplicated)

you can have as many movieclip symbols on a layer as you want, as each is a self contained animation(animated in its own timeline). if the symbols themselves are then animated on the main time line, they must be on their own layer or they can interfere with each other.

it is always a good idea to make your animations self contained movieclips, if you can, as you have the most flexibility to use, and re-use them then.

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