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Real problems suddenly arrisen with CS4... think it has to do with flash

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Julian Bowman
Real problems suddenly arrisen with CS4... think it has to do with flash
on Jun 27, 2009 at 1:26:20 am

Hi all.

Ok, not sure where to put this as i've started having serious problems and they affect the whole of my CS4 Master Collection. Hopefully someone can shed some light or point me in the right direction.

I have a 2x 2.26 Quad Core only recently obtained, running 10.5.7. The last downloads i recall installing were java and bluetooth. I held off the new FCP patch.

Now, what happens is this:

I have to browse a lot of MySpace pages for a project and I use Firefox. Over the last couple of days at some point the browser has just stopped working. It gives me the wheel of death and i have to force quit. When i open it again with the saved tabs it pretty much keeps doing it. If i open with a clean browser i can use it until i go back to myspace. It also hung when i tried to use the mac to go to adobe's site for help.

I did some reading online and people suggested that macs don't get along with myspace because myspace is poorly coded. Seemed fair, although until the last couple of days i was having no bother.

I then realised that when this problem shows itself on firefox it also affected all my apps in CS4. Initially i realised when trying to open firefox and it got to the first bit when you choose a new project or to open a recent one, and when i clicked on new project, wheel of death. I then tried it on dreamweaver which i use a lot and it did the same.

In the end i uninstalled the whole of the CS4 collection (time consuming) and then reinstalled it all (time consuming) and everything was working again. I figured it was an anomoly and went back to doing things as i did before. And everything was fine for about 8 hours when low and behold the same thing happened again.

I unistalled cs4 and restarted the mac and firefox is now happy with myspace again. i had the firefox browser open as i starting to reinstall cs4 and it said i had to close it, so there's obviously some relationship there (i'm assuming the flash player, but that's just a guess, i don't know).

Anyway, i am now only installing the bits of cs4 i use, which are AE, In Design, Dreamweaver, Firefox, Photoshop and I have to install Bridge. Everything i have left off, including Flash, though i installed the desktop flash player. I can add to this post tomorrow when i have experimented and seen if it happens again.

But has anyone heard of this issue?
Does anyone have any idea what may be conflicting and causing this huge pain in the bottom?

naively i believe that macs don't get crap on them when you download things from the web, and i only really download things that are relevant to work (video and web) or occasionally apps i've seen on apple downloads with the odd other app such as a music player. But that's not to say i haven't downloaded a conflict.

Is it my preferences for Adobe? Is there a dodgy bit of code in something of Adobe's that i don't really need that may be causing it?

And although the whole of CS4 is affected, none of FCP SUite 2 is affected.

Sorry for such a long post but i really have no idea and after spending £5 on a mac and CS4, i kind of expect things to work, but they're not, and although i'm going to call Adobe and see if they'll offer any help, my cynicism from previous experiences of large software companies is that they're not going to offer much.

So, any help greatly appreciated.



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Julian Bowman
Re: Real problems suddenly arrisen with CS4... think it has to do with flash
on Jun 27, 2009 at 8:55:13 pm

Ok, it happened again after about a ten hour day working fine. I opened up my guest account to see if it was specific to my user account but the same thing happened there.

Any ideas?

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