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Luis Roca
flash cs3 AS3 swf
on Apr 13, 2009 at 6:33:20 pm


So, I have been trying to make this swf player i made on flash work with a flv file i have.

The web designer tells me that i just have to upload a single swf file.

When export the file from flash it weighs just 56k, which seems strange since the original flv file weighs about 2mb.

the file doesn't load at all on the page..

i am wondering what can be an effective script and export settings to make a single flv file and a player into a file that will play and pause at will on a webpage.

Also is it possible to just make the player on flash and have Squeeze build the bundled swf file?

any help will be greatly appreciated and by the way thanks for huge amounts of valuable advice.

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demetri tashie
Re: flash cs3 AS3 swf
on Apr 14, 2009 at 2:15:54 pm


First, I recommend that you check out some of the great tutorials here on Creative Cow- there are ones by Lee Brimelow ( Flash Video Basics parts 1 - 8) or Tony Ross's "Simple Multi-Video Player in As3 ( or AS2)" that are really good.

These will tell you all you need to get started with your files. Please consult them for the is actually fairly easy. don't let the number of steps i am breaking it down into intimidate you !

you will need to keep some of these things in mind, as far as work flow goes Think through these steps and you won't go wrong. This is a complete workflow, and once you do it will become second nature and will be fast.

1) get/create your video.
2) convert it to FLV format
3) in Flash, create a Video Player
4) in Flash, tell the Video Player where your video resides
5) use a Component Skin to give it controls, or custom make your Video Player Controls
6) turn autoPlay off unless you want it to auoPlay (autoPlay is set to 'true' by default )
7)Export your Flash file as SWF. If you used a Component Skin, know where that additional SWF resides also.
8) create your Web Page ( HTML most likely)
9) on your HTML page, reference the main SWF that has your Video Player. depending on how you create your page, you need extra script for it to play a SWF. DreamWeaver, for instance,takes care of that and generates it's own script. (Visit the DreamWeaver Forum, or the Web Design Forum for more information there)
10) upload your HTML page, the SWF, the skin's SWF( if you used one). the FLV, and the other java script ( unless the script is embedded in your HTML)
11) view your page and watch your video !

basically: you create your FLV video file by converting from whatever format you have ( QuickTime, etc). Use whatever Compression Utility and Converter Utility/program you want ( but Flash's "Flash Video Encoder" works just fine for most purposes)

then you create your SWF which includes your video player. the video player has to reference the FLV.
when you export your SWF, the FLV is NOT embedded in the SWF, only a reference to it. That is why the SWF should be very small in size in respect to the FLV. you need BOTH files to for it to work. If you use a Flash generated skin ( for the video controls), then you need THAT swf also ( it is generated separately) ( for example: SkinUnderPlaySeekMute.swf)

IF you then put this all on a web page, you need to include a script for it to recognize and play the SWF. for instance, if you use DreamWeaver, DW generates an external javascript file and puts it in a "Script" folder.

Notes on the above Steps:
1) use whatever means you are used to to create your video
2) convert this video file format to FLV ( Flash Video Encoder works great for this)
3) Open up Flash, and create your file with a video player - either Using Components, or strictly through Actionsciript. it doesn't matter
4) the Video Player must know what video to play. assign a source using the COmponent Inspector ( if you created it by using a FLVPlayback Component from the COMPONENT LIbrary, or assign its source in code:
5) create your Video Player controls- either make custom ones, or choose a "skin" through the Component Inspector
6) set autoPlay to 'false' in the Component Inspector if you do not want the video to auto play. or set in in code: myVideoPlayer.autoPlay=false; will take care of that.
7) Export this file as a SWF. if you used a 'skin', there willbe a separate SWF for the skin generated
8) create your web page.
9) place/associate the SWF with the web page ( Embed, Insert, etc , depending on your method of creating a web page). add all the necessary script to recognize and run the SWF ( DreamWeaver generates this script for you as an external file,placed inside a "Scripts" Folder.
10) upload your HTML pgae, the SWF,the skin's SWF ( if you used one), the FLV, and the "SCripts" FOlder ( if you used Dreamweaver.
11) you are good to go...

long-winded, i know, but i hope it helps. let us know how it works out .... and read those tutorials !

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Luis Roca
Re: flash cs3 AS3 swf
on Apr 16, 2009 at 1:53:51 am

thank you , demetri....

ok, so. I think I am good creating a player in flash and having a flv. associated to it play fine.

Ok, this is the scenario more specificly...I want to make a player template which can be used on sorensen squeeze to make a single file which contains a player and the video. Right now the only way i am able to do this is by using one of squeeze's stock templates....
the developers of the site have to make it simple for the owners to be able to change the players and media of the main page from a control panel, they have the option to upload a single file to occupy that spot....since the need to consolidate the file and player...


squeeze 4.6
flash cs3

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demetri tashie
Re: flash cs3 AS3 swf
on Apr 16, 2009 at 7:41:22 pm

sorry, i can't help you with Squeeze, as i don't use it. You might want to ask that part of the question in the Compression Forum of this site. people there should be able to anwer this question.

or re-post it here and maybe another Flah + Sorensor user can help you.

godd luck !

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