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Videos of Computer Screens between Premiere Pro & Flash

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Greg Knollmeyer
Videos of Computer Screens between Premiere Pro & Flash
on Apr 5, 2009 at 11:53:17 pm

I am struggling with an issue between Flash and Premiere Pro. I have captured video for online training of actions that are occurring on my screen. When I bring them directly into Flash, I am able to publish something with decent quality. However, I want to be able to do more with them in Premiere Pro. Whenever I export from Premiere Pro, even as Flash, I get poor results. I must not be exporting with the appropriate settings or something.

I have exported a good deal of actual camera video from Premiere Pro with no problem and published that via Flash to the web. It is just the quality of text on the screen in my videos of actions occurring on my computer that create an issue.

Can you help suggest what might remedy the situation. I've tried a number of Flash export options from Premiere Pro and even just exporting the movie as avi. Somehow, I'm not getting it right.


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Tony Ross
Re: Videos of Computer Screens between Premiere Pro & Flash
on Apr 6, 2009 at 10:25:26 am

Hey Greg-
Just a guess, but make sure de-interlacing is turned off for any screencast or screenshot movies or images.

Thanks Tony

keep it simple, make it perfect…

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Greg Knollmeyer
Re: Videos of Computer Screens between Premiere Pro & Flash
on Apr 6, 2009 at 11:36:28 pm

Hey Tony--Good catch. Thanks so much. I had my head on backwards and was thinking I needed to de-interlace as I have always done for the other work. I wasn't thinking about that screwing up an already clean video.

I am struggling with one other issue. There is a slight flutter as screens change as when opening a program for example. In this case, you can see the program open fully, and then it will flutter back to the previous state for a couple of frames. It is enough to notice though it only lasts an extra second. It's a little odd. Again, this doesn't happen when I put the video directly in Flash; but only when I export it from Premiere.

My thought was it had something to do with the frame rate. But my incoming captured frame rate is high and I'm converting that down to 15 fps. So I wouldn't think there would be any key frame or frame rate issues that create that flicker/flutter.

Any other ideas?

Cheers, Greg

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Richard Dolesh
Re: Videos of Computer Screens between Premiere Pro & Flash
on Apr 7, 2009 at 7:36:01 pm

Reading your post, it appears to me you are simply importing mov/avi files into premiere pro, effecting them, then exporting from PP.
Question: Look closely at source movie that you are creating with Camtasia, etc, and see what it is? I'll bet it's a 15fps movie already. So Ideally you'd be best to create a 15fps project in PP and in the same dimensions, etc.

Exporting directly from PP to flash isn't ideal for High Quality, see adobe's article:

As far as interlacing, if the source isn't interlaced, (from Camtasia, etc) then you won't ever have to de-interlace, unless you are exporting NTSC video/footage. Also,if you are intermixing source material, interlaced and non, you can right click the clip in CS3-CS4 (not sure about CS2) and treat the fields differently for that clip (so that all clips in your timeline are the same!)

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