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johnsabbath d'urzo
flash movie
on Apr 4, 2009 at 12:15:29 pm

working with flash and dreamweaver. i make my movie in final cut pro, encode it in flash video (.flv), import it into flash (choose my player), and export as a swf. Then being into dreamweaver and link the video, and upload everything. when i go onto that page the video downloads and when i click play it would play. I want the video to be on pause and not download untill the user clicks play. Just want it to stay on the first frame till the user is ready. does anybody know how to do this?

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demetri tashie
Re: flash movie ( AS3 answers)
on Apr 4, 2009 at 2:38:20 pm


there is no quick and easy solution, but there are a few workarounds, ones that i have often employed myself.

Your solution might depend on if you really need the video to NOT progressively download while being 'Paused" on the first frame, or if all that matters is that the video shows up Paused on the first frame

Easiest is to set your source for the video, and set autoPlay to false. let's assume you are using a flvVideoComponent, and you named its instance as flvPlayer .
the code is:


easy enough. or you can create/Set an event CuePoint on the first frame(or wherever you like) of the movie (NOT a navigation CuePoint). then set an action to Stop the video at that CuePoint( on the first frame)

but if you are concerned about the progressive download, even though the video is Paused (Stopped), then you need a work around. here are some other choices:

1) create a 1 frame video, converted to a flv. have that video load into the player. it will appear as just a still frame. then have your button/play button, etc, scripted to load the actual/full movie and have it play.

2) either take a screenshot/snapshot of the first frame of your video, or if it was built in a video authoring program ( FC etc), then just export the first frame as a still image. have that image positioned over the flvPlayer. script it, or another button/play-button, etc, to remove that still image and load the actual video.

both of those solutions will appear the same way to to viewer. they will see it as a loaded video on Pause ( but we know better .... )

here is a test of this solution #2 - a simple screenshot. i added a Seek Bar so you can see the download. i choose to use a big PLAY button,for demonstration purposes, which was dynamically loaded at runtime. everything else is part of this 1 frame SWF.

i think all of these solutions have been explained in other similar posts. if you can't find them, or need help with the code, let us know.

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johnsabbath d'urzo
Re: flash movie ( AS3 answers)
on Apr 4, 2009 at 8:42:40 pm


I'm kinda new to flash. What is the code I need to input? i understand the concept that you have provided and thanks for that. i'm using a player that came with flash (the ones that you can choose when importing video.) I do have auto play as false, how would i do these steps? thanks for your help

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demetri tashie
Re: flash movie ( AS3 answers)
on Apr 5, 2009 at 2:33:28 am

first get an image of the first frame of your movie- either take screenshot and crop it correctly, or export a still from the movie.

second you should know how to place on the stage a FLVPlayback Component and skin it if you want.
i am using a created 'button' for the Play button - a graphic turned into a Movie clip.

the code is this:

function vidPLAY(evt:MouseEvent):void {


playBTN.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, vidPLAY);

where (still) is the instance name of your still image( actually the instance name of the Movie CLip that the still image is turned into) , and ("yourMovie") is, obviously, your movie ...

i posted a real down and dirty video tutorial on this here:
sorry, but it was a quick one, so it is low res - but you should get the idea from it, though. hope it helps. let us know how it is ( or isn't ...) working out !

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