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Flash and Keynote

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Elin grome
Flash and Keynote
on Feb 20, 2009 at 8:14:03 am

Hi guys,

Just a quick (and rather vague) question... my company is holding a mini vote/election thing at its next meeting and would like to display the vote count in "real time" as the votes come in...

The votes come in slowly and are read out one by one so it should be possible for an operator to update this manually using the number pad to send simple commands in flash...

...but it would come in the middle of a keynote presentation and would ideally be as seemless as possible... rather than quiting KEynote and launching flash separately could we;

a) launch the swf within Keynote and still retain the interactive functions? (ie through Quicktime)


b) launch the swf in the swf standalone player (ie leave keynote) through Keynote (i remember something like this was possible in flash/powerpoint)...

SO long since i used flash.. its a simple enough project but very very VERY high profile so I cant afford mess ups and need to advise asap if its possible...

I hope that makes some sense,

Any help much appreciated,



It's all the those pesky details :p

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demetri tashie
Re: Flash and Keynote
on Feb 20, 2009 at 5:48:13 pm

hi - i don't use Keynote (yet) but since i know there are no problems inserting a SWF into PowerPoint, Keynote has to do the same.

do you know how to use XML with Flash ? i would have either a Dynamic text field that updates from the XML file. OR to be visually more stunning, you could have pre loaded into another folder that the XML references several images to represent the various possibilities of your vote. OR you could build an animated SWF like a pie chart, or a loading bar, or a bottle of champagne being filled, and having it dynamically load upon your vote ( variables/parameters). for example, if you have 200 members, voting for A or B , have 2 empty 'somethings" ( clock, pie, loading bar, champagne glass, etc) and when 10 people vote for A , then the A image loads/fills 5% ( 10 out of the possible 200 votes)

it depends on how comfortable you are with A) XML and/or B) ActionScript C) math !

whatever you choose to do, considering it is 'high profile' , TEST TEST TEST. do lots of dry runs, and it should be fine.

this is a cool, real -world problem, so
let us know how you choose to approach it,and if you need specific help in any of these areas - i am sure some of the experts will be glad to help you. i'll help if i can, too !

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Elin grome
Re: Flash and Keynote
on Feb 23, 2009 at 8:29:58 am

sincere thanks Demetri/Graham... plenty of food for thought - thanks for your time, will let u know how i get on. E

It's all the those pesky details :p

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