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Flash website animation actionscript help

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Richard Smith
Flash website animation actionscript help
on Dec 9, 2008 at 7:12:20 pm

hey guys, ill get down to it, im making my own website using tips from a tutorial on this website, and its going well so far, its a very simple flash site.

the basics of it are you start on the main site, and when you click on a button it takes you to anther section on the same background image instead of a differnt page of the same site.

im not that up with my flash im more of a video editor than website desinger, but what i would like to happen is have when you click the button it moves over the background image to the next section, wheras with the setup i have at the moment it just jumps to this section of the image.

the script im using is

function menuNav(event:MouseEvent):void{


i know it you may need more information so please get intouch with what you need to know,

many thanks for any help that you guys can give.


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John Morton
Re: Flash website animation actionscript help
on Dec 9, 2008 at 7:53:13 pm

I'm sure there are multiple ways of doing what you're trying to do. Here's one that might work, depending upon how you see your site functioning.

You have a background image on your stage which does not move on the bottommost layer.

You have a nav bar on your stage does not move on the next layer up.

You have have a third layer, on top of both other layers that is 4 times wider than your stage. The first quarter of it has "Home" content, second "Videos", third "Contact" and fourth "More".

The functions you outlined in your post then just need to scroll that wide third layer to the proper coordinates based on the function that is executed.

If you're unfamiliar with the Green Sock: TweenFilterLite package, aka the GS Tweening Engine, you'll be shocked at how easily this can be accomplished.

Helpful? Hope so. Good luck.

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Richard Smith
Re: Flash website animation actionscript help
on Dec 10, 2008 at 12:47:15 am

hi cheers for the help, as i said im not to up on the whole flash thing. What your describing is kinda what i think i have at the moment, i think anyway,

i have my comp size set a 800*600 but my background is 1600*1050, and what ive done is add that image to the scene, ive then added anther layer for the names, and added a keyframe for each name and moved the background accordingly, then added a layer for buttons. and so when i click on the relevent button it takes me to the named keyframe of the corrisponding button.

what i want to happen is instead of it justr jumping to the keyframe, we see the motion of it moving to that image. and as im not really up on flash or actionscript im not sure how that site u gave me woulkd help, if you could explane a bit it would be greatly appriciated,

thanks again,


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