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(CS3 as2) Imported .swfs don't work in new project

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Brad Graber
(CS3 as2) Imported .swfs don't work in new project
on Jul 23, 2008 at 12:04:38 pm

I've got 2 different .swf movies that I imported into another project; one with scrolling text, and the other with scrolling thumbnails. When I test the new project, neither of the .swfs scroll, and the one with the text doesn't show the text. What's up with that?
I would just do a 'getURL' command, but I'm still getting the internet toolbars, etc. around those pages even when published 'opaque windowless' and 'no border'. That's a whole other issue.



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Pieter Helsen
Re: (CS3 as2) Imported .swfs don't work in new project
on Jul 23, 2008 at 12:11:45 pm

When you import .swfs into other .swfs the scope of the timeline changes. The scope is basically a path to a movieclip, a textfield, that sort of thing. If you use _root in one of the imported .swfs, it will work fine on its own, the _root being the address of the main timeline of the .swf if you import it into another .swf though, _root refers to the timeline of the -other- .swf, the .swf you loaded your first .swf into. Hence, screwing up your scope and causing your actionscript not to find your movieclips, textfields, etc.

if you want to use getURL, use javascript. Use this generator to get the code to open a popup with no toolbars via flash (getURL).

Kind regards,

General notice: from now on, I would like to ask everyone to put [AS2] or [AS3] (corresponding to the version of actionscript you are using on your project) in front of their post titles when the question is actionscript related! Please help us help you faster. Thank you.

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