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Fading out flash video controller

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John Major
Fading out flash video controller
on Feb 13, 2008 at 5:20:33 pm

Hi All, I'm a seasoned video guy learning flash, so I apologize if I'm at all inept with my question.
Here's the deal... I've got a video clip that is about 22 seconds long and is encoded with an alpha channel. What I'm trying to do is lay the video over an existing html page with a custom controller bar. The alpha channel allows me to fade in the clip without seeing a white box behind. The controller "pops" on when the video starts. That's fine. But I need it to fade off when the video is done.
I tried making a 22 second time-line in flash, set key frames at the end with a motion tween and set the layer alpha to zero. This seemed to work when I played it in flash, but when I played it on the web, the video started looping after the controller faded out. I then added a stop(); to the video track but it had no effect.

Any help in steering me in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks for all of your time,

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kelly johnson
Re: Fading out flash video controller
on Feb 18, 2008 at 5:43:21 pm

Stick the video playback component and the controller you made into a movie clip.

If you can encode the video using the FLV encoder that comes with Flash, you can embed a cue point at the end of the video.

Then, in AS code, you can tween out the alpha on that movie clip (with the controller inside and video) when the cue point is fired.

So, let's say your video instance is named "myVideo." Select both the video and the controller on the stage. Choose Modify, then "Convert to symbol"and, that you name it "completeVideo".

Enter this on frame 1 of the main timeline in an Action Layer:

completeVideo.myVideo.cuePoint = function(){

You can look up the Tween() class to actually fade it out and you would put all that code in place of the "_root.completeVideo._visible=false;"

hope it helps

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