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Rich Rubasch
AE to build Flash
on Nov 2, 2007 at 12:41:47 am

Cross posted on the AE forum....though I'd try here too.

I have a project that will be a Flash interface for a salesperson-driven presentation to highlight several functions of a product. Some of the features will be Flash Video showing actual customers using and demonstrating the features. Some of them will just be text and graphics showing the product and highlighting features.

For the text and graphic animations I was considering creating them in AE and exporting flash. It might be required that there be hot spots in the animation to be able to get more detail. Is it a good idea to produce these in AE, or should an entirely Flash workflow be the way?

We are a video/AE house, not Flash. We are hiring an accomplished Flash designer Programmer to put the interface together, buttons and other interactivity. We will produce direct edit and add graphics to the video sections. We are also thinking we could build additional animations that are primarily text and graphics driven in AE and export to flash. Then have the programmer add any additional interactivity.

Good idea? Or let the Flash designer build everything with our direction on design? I'd lke to have the ability to make last minute revisions in the AE files to meet the client's expectations, rather than have to third party that stuff. Just let the Flash person do the overall interface, proegramming and interactivity.

Of course I will consult with the Flash programmer, but has anyone built a bunch of AE animations specifically for a Flash presentation? Not videos per se, but vector animations for use in a Flash presentation?

Take a look at this link and go down to the big PLAY button Where it says to See How it Works!

The top is basically the buttons, but how about building the little animations underneath in AE?

Any input from anyone who has done this would be great.

Rich Rubasch

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Re: AE to build Flash
on Nov 5, 2007 at 4:58:13 pm

hi there-
Everything I saw at that link you posted, save for the actual video, would most certainly be better to do in Flash natively.

The main reason is that AE doesn't export vector format for Flash. The swf files created from AE need to be embedded frame for frame into Flash.

However, I've just started to use AE CS3 so perhaps there is a new feature.

But, there is still an huge advantage to using Flash for the interface and that is file size and download time which will be smaller all around.

Will this be cd/dvd based or for online use, such as on laptops in the field for the Salesman?

Either way, running off a hard drive in the case of laptop presentation will be better than from a cd but online would definitely be better to use Flash interface elements as much as possible to reduce file download and processor time.

Unless you have really hip-raster based effects that have to be created in AE, I would suggest using Flash for as much of the interface as possible.

I've done presentations from cds and for tradeshow kiosks which used video and have always used Flash interface elements because changes are also waaaay faster than having to go back into AE, make the changes, render/export then import etc.

Good luck!

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