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editing FLA template to add video

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editing FLA template to add video
on Oct 29, 2007 at 4:27:39 pm

Sorry for the newb question here but The Cow has always been by go to spot of After Effects, so I am hoping the same proves true for Flash.

I am trying to make a basic web site for personal use. I downloaded a wonderful free template and am slowly editing it. On one of the pages I would like to (ideally) offer 3 videos for the user to choose. That's the advanced step.

For now I simply need to know how to put a player on the page and have it play a video. Every time I import an flv file or add a MediaController I get 'undefined' where the video ought to be.

This seems like it should be simple. Is there a tutorial someone can point be toward?


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Re: editing FLA template to add video
on Oct 30, 2007 at 2:22:16 pm

If you're using Flash 8 or CS3, you should be able to follow the steps in the wizard when you click import video from the file menu. Keep in mind that your FLV ought to be in the same folder as your FLA. Also, you might check the path to the FLV in the component inspector, and make sure it's relative, and not pointing to your local file when it gets uploaded to your server.

Also, Lee Brimelow has an EXCELLENT series of video tutorials at Start with 'video basics 1' and work your way up from there.

Good luck!

Dave Potts
Broadcast Communications
University of North Carolina @ Charlotte

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Pamela Stoesser
Re: editing FLA template to add video
on Nov 20, 2007 at 11:44:44 pm

I am having a similar problem.

I have a Flash website, created from a template. I believe the website was created in Flash MX. I am using Flash8 Professional and have all available updates loaded.

I added a movie clip to one of the website pages using the "Import Video" function of Flash8. I used one of the player skins in the import module (clearall). When I test the movie on my local PC, it works fine. I published it (using the option to load the clip from an external server - but not a Flash Progressive Server) and moved the new .swf website file and the .swf skin file along with the movie clip .flv file to the website (all in the same folder) and checked the website .swf file. Plays great. Nice skin, movie plays. Happy me.

Unfortunately, looking at the page in a browser there is only a black rectangle there where the skin and the movie should be. After several emails and phone calls to my web hosting company and the template company (both getting to level 2 support), they both believe I've done everything properly. One guy suggested I use a Action Script to play the movie clip instead of the embedded viewer skin.

I really need to figure out what is wrong here. Sure could use some help. Thanks in advance.....

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