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Flash interactive CD

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Flash interactive CD
on Oct 16, 2007 at 12:17:24 am

Hi, I'm wanting to make a CD possibly using flash
it has to include videos with buttons on to take you back to the main screen. There is 12 seperate videos and also some picture content to go along with it.

I want to make a main menu that takes you to a seperate sub menu which each has links to 6 videos. and then each vidoe has the ability to link to each other video or back to the main screen.

What is the best was to do this.

I'm pulling my hair out a little with the project. It started off with what should have been a simple DVD job has turned into something completely different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if its just a link to a tutorial or anything that will help!

Thanks heaps


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Re: Flash interactive CD
on Oct 16, 2007 at 2:01:51 pm

Hi Emma

There are a number of ways which this can be achieved. It depends on how proficient you are at scripting and how flexible you want the application to be in terms of adding new video files.

I would do this using 2 main frames within the _root timeline. The first frame is your main menu the second frame is your video playback page.

The main menu page has the 2 navigation buttons, both taking you to the video playback frame.

The video playback frame has an flv media player and 6 buttons for openning each of the 6 videos (that are stored separately to your swf). You can set the actions of each button using data within an XML file.

create an XML file with links to each of the 12 video files (in flv format). Set some attributes to each of the XML nodes. i.e. flv location, Group ID.

This method is neat and will allow you the most flexibility for adding and removing video items.

Alternatively, the quick and dirty approach is to create 13 frames, the first containing the main menu and the remaining 12 containing embedded flv's and the appropriate navigation buttons.

Give me a few days and I will try and knock up something to illustrate how all this is done.

Hope this is useful


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Re: Flash interactive CD
on Nov 1, 2007 at 10:35:20 am

Hi Emma

Sorry about the delay in getting this to you but I have been a little busy.

I have put something together, its not pretty but it illustrates how it works.

When you run the script within flash make sure you point Flash at the relevant directory (Edit/preferences/actionscript/actionscript 2.0 settings)

Hope this helps


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Robin Gillespie
Re: Flash interactive CD
on Oct 5, 2009 at 4:37:07 am

Hi dave just happen to see the post about making a interactive cd in flash. I am also making a cd that has swf files. Basically I have a home page which is a swf file. In that home page i have 5 text boxes that are links to load other swf files (5 movies in total). I would also like to have a return button back to the main home page. I also have a welcome page that is animated. This welcome page i hope to use when the cd starts up and at the end of the animation there will be link to enter the home page. The welcome page is also a swf file.

The process would work like in the following

welcome page - Home page -5 Movies

Welcome page is a swf file ( with a link to load Home page)
Home page is a swf file (with 5 links to load Movies)
5 movies are seperate swf files do you have some solution to this

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