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is this possible?

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is this possible?
on Sep 24, 2007 at 5:57:02 pm

OK, i want to know not how to do(although that would be amazing to get a link to or info on it) but if this is possible.

theres a online game called
i think its java on xml
not to savy on web coding still learning.

but i posted some pics
basically i want to know is it possible to make a custom flash viewer that uses this page and i can add features or redesign layout. like move this link from left to right position.

when i click on one link"town square" i get this location
when i click on another link"farm" i get this link

i think it brakes down like this
en11 = english world 11
village 8508 = my village #
screen=main = town square

so what would i do to show external link and its password required can would i add this screen? and how just have a external previewer

1. would i need to know there code to do this
2. should i even try

heres some images of what it looks like

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Re: is this possible?
on Sep 24, 2007 at 7:30:52 pm

Figure that would be hella difficult. :-) Depends if their code allows people to do such a thing. You'd have to ask the game developers that question.

Kind regards,

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Re: is this possible?
on Sep 24, 2007 at 7:39:19 pm

Allow me to be a little more specific...

- First off all, your screenshot links don't work :) (need your session id)
- Second, if the developers have an API (Application Programming Interface) available, it -should- be possible to do this if you have a fairly extensive knowledge of both the API and Actionscript. Changes that they wrote an API for AS2/3 however, are very small indeed. They might have a PHP API and you might be able to process that in Flash then.
- Third, if they -don't- have an API, it should still be possible to get certain details from those pages (again via php, asp or jsp) and process them in Flash. If you're familiar with PHP, look up CURL on

Kind regards,

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