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Flash & HTML Smooth Integration

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Flash & HTML Smooth Integration
on Sep 18, 2007 at 4:25:27 pm

I have had many opinions....none of which I am accepting; thats why I'm here. I am trying to take that extra step to tweak this site to quality. Below is the link. I am not accepting that I cannot have a smooth transition where a flash object fades into an HTML background.

1> To prevent a white box from appearing (even in transparency mode) I have added in HTML, a background to the flash object so that while it is fading in, it appears cleaner. I would rather see the background (looks like jeans)appear, then the flash nicely fade in over it without using this HTML background. As a note, I have changed the centering of the background on the main page and the Bio page, and intend to continue with the rest of the site.
2> Between selecting those two pages back and forth, there is still some form of flash (no pun). Since the background does not change, why can't the image appear to never move as the new flash fades in?
3> Now that I have an intro page (I had some mac people say they couldnt find the site), I would love to easily preload at least the main page while this is being viewed. Is that possible and does anyone have the code....please, no links to "everything you always wanted to know about preloading" I have tried that and have been told many times by others that the code/instruction was bad. Also, I am not a developer. Don't assume anything.

You can view the page: ; Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks for listening!

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Re: Flash & HTML Smooth Integration
on Sep 19, 2007 at 11:45:24 am

I'm sorry to tell you, but like you said, you came here for advice. Splash pages, in your current setup, are not the way to go. Splash pages should only be used if you are offering the user multiple options, like different types of resolutions or flash/non-flash websites.

What you should use and what should allow mac users to find the site is SWF Object. It's a little piece of JavaScript (javascript prenetration is between 90%-95%) that you can put on your main page and you can download it (along with instructions) at Deconcept. It -is- possible to preload a html page, but to preload your flash content using Javascript will be hard to do...

Okay, so much for my first point of advice. On to the next point. Don't use seperate Flash files/HTML files. Or better yet, DO use them, but use a container file (like mySite.swf) which is basically an empty flash file in which you are going to load your seperate swf files (like bio.swf and home.swf). This should solve your flicker problem. You'll also be able to preload the seperate content.

Please look into the movieClipLoader class. Clickity-click.

As for the other part of you question, I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.

Kind regards,

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