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Flash movie jumps to scene2 but fails to "stop();"

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Flash movie jumps to scene2 but fails to "stop();"
on Aug 20, 2007 at 6:54:48 am

Heres my problem.
I have a project that will require a lot of scenes.
When I jump from one scene to the next, the first scene ends with a "wipe" making the entire screen white. The next screen starts from white and builds everything up, but when it comes to the frame in scene 2,where the stop(); is placed, it just keeps going until it loops back to scene 1. Heres what I've got:
In scene one, the last frame has this code, placed in an action-layer:
gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 1);
The jump works, but when i try the movie in the "test movie", it just keeps going, never stopping at my last frame in scene 2, which contains this code, also in an actionl ayer:
I know that scene 2 works, since if I choose "Test scene" on scene 2 it stops correctly.
Any and all help highly appreciated. I am not new to Flash, just new to ActionScript3. Maybe the fault lies in a change from my Flash MX to Adobe Flash cs3.

Beast Regards

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Re: Flash movie jumps to scene2 but fails to "stop();"
on Aug 23, 2007 at 6:37:19 pm

My first suggestion would be... not to use Scenes :) Scenes have always been a bit tricky in Flash. A better idea would be to either use Movieclips or seperate .swf files that you load in dynamically.

Second, are you using actionscript 3 or 2? Actionscript 3 has become an Object-Oriented language and shouldn't be used for projects that require little scripting. When you create a new file you can choose between an Actionscript 2 or Actionscript 3 file, in your case I would suggest an Actionscript 2. You can change this setting by going to File > Publish settings... (on Windows).

Hope this helps.

PS: I just tested it, and Actionscript 3 causes similar behaviour to what you describe. Actionscript 3, in syntax is rather different from Actionscript 2

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