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Stefan Kroesbacher
help for a newbee...
on Apr 30, 2007 at 12:37:44 pm

Hi all,

i need your help...
i'm quite new to flash and not the "programmer" kind of guy coming from AE..

what i want to do:
i want to constantly add little video snippets to my showreel to keep it up to date
without having to upload all of the showreel over and over again.
so i thought of programming this in flash.

Let'as say i have movies 1.swf to 5.swf (or .flv) in my folder and want to add
movie 6.swf.

So what flash has to do for me:
1. look into my snippets folder and select the .swf with the highest number
2. play this latest .swf file (in my case 6.swf)
3. after 6.swf has played load 5.swf and play this one (this 6.swf -1 makes 5.swf)
4. after 5.swf. has played load 4.swf and play

plus a button where i can skip forward through the movies

so, anyone knows how to do this??
i'm sure this is beginner-level, but it would be of great help!!!
do i have to do this in html??



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Sher Ali
Re: help for a newbee...
on Apr 30, 2007 at 1:06:19 pm

You can achieve that using some server side programming language like .php to read the total number of .swf or .flv files in a particular directory and then send data to flash.

If you want to achieve that using flash alone then you can do that using flashvars and you will have to edit at least the html page a bit.

For example use flashvars from html to pass two variables to flash one for total number of videos and other one for the latest video.

If you are familiar with the flashvars then I have given you an idea and it should not a big deal.

Sher Ali

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Re: help for a newbee...
on Apr 30, 2007 at 1:26:20 pm

This can also be achieved by creating an XML file that lists all of the flv's that you want to load and loading the XML file within the flash app. The XML could look like this:

As you add a new file it is quite simple to add a new line in the xml to point to the new file.

I am not familiar with flashvars or the merits of one approach over the other but this gives you an alternative.

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Stefan Kroesbacher
Re: help for a newbee...
on Apr 30, 2007 at 4:40:28 pm

Thanx for the input!

i don't know anything about php, xml or falshvars.....

well, but i came up with an not so elegant version:
i made a master flash file loading the latest file via loadmovie.
and each .swf file has as endframe a loadmovie command loading
the next file to be played..

well, in audio engineering we called that daisy chaining -
not too elegant, but it works for me..

thanx again, if i find the time to learn more
about programming, i'll try to get a more elegant



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Re: help for a newbee...
on Apr 30, 2007 at 6:07:31 pm

Daisy chaining will leave you having to recompile movies to change order, drop a movie for another or whatever. An xml list you can update with a simple text editor for fast, easy changing of running order ....

There was also a tutorial around here someplace on running an flv player through an xml list, which would show you the whole process ...

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