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Text with a rollover animation .swf file

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Text with a rollover animation .swf file
on Feb 22, 2007 at 4:55:39 pm


I have a text box for website called ABOUT US, I have created an animation in after effects (Couldn't easily recreate in Flash) and I have exported it out as a .swf file.
Now I am stuck as to how to set up the timeline, let's say it's a blank slate and I only have the text on the canvas and I have the .swf in the library, what is the most
efficient way to organize my timeline so that the when the text is rolled over it animates the .swf and it rolls off the animation stops, any advice would be greatly
apprciated. Thanks

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Creating a Movie Clip Button
on Feb 23, 2007 at 6:10:53 pm

I've been told to set up buttons as movie clip button, with labels as "_up, _over, _off, _down" and then to
have the respected keyframes starting at the labels frame set up.

Steps I've heard for this.
1. So I have my scene, inside my scene I only have the text, so I turn the text to a movie clip.

2. Inside the movie clip I create a labels layer, and label the frames "_up, _over, _off, _down".

3. I created a layer for my static text which I ran to the end.

4. I created a layer for the animated rollover button, which I have in a movie clip(instance name
about_us_over), so it's just the one keyframe, and then I extend the frames the length of the mc
right? If I have the animation label "_over" at frame 5, I have a keyframe on another layer at frame
5 which has the movie clip on it, so I need to point my script to play the movie clip?

5. Then I have a keyframe on the frame labeled "_off" for the rolloff animation.

6. Then I go and add stop(); to the first frame of the movie clip (about_us_over) and (about_us_off), so when I script the action, I tell it to go to the second frame in the movie clip and I also tell the last frame to gotoAndPlay(2); to have it continually loop, right?

7. Now I go back to the main scene, and I create a actions layer, and on frame one, I put an action to activate the movie clip button. This is where I get lost, I have to separate scripts one kind of works the other doesn't work, but I think I am setting it up wrong.

1) myButton.onRelease(){
this._parent.gotoAndPlay("about_us", 2);

this is the one I am getting wrong completely, what do I name "mybutton" and what is named "_parent" and what is named "about_us"

2. this.about_us_btn.onRelease(){
In this one I have the main scene button instance name "about_us_btn" and the animation works, but it just goes right away, not when I rollover the animation, just when I set it up to play.

Also, in these examples, how do I set up an invisible button hit state for the static text?

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