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newbie : morphing

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newbie : morphing
on Oct 25, 2006 at 7:26:45 pm

trying to get 1 jpeg which consists of the word "dave" to change to another jpeg, this one is a smiley face.

im using 1 layer
i have 2 key frames one at frame 0 the other at frame 100
the properties of these keyframes are set to shape
i create the tween

but morphing does not happen... instead the smiley face just flashes in place

what am i doing wrong????

the instructions im using says:
With the second keyframe selected, select the artwork you placed in the first keyframe and do one of the following:

Modify the shape, color, or position of the artwork.

Delete the artwork and place new artwork in the second keyframe.


i dont understand how i modify the shape "dave" in flash, changing it to a smiley face. Can i not just use 2 jpegs?

ps ive tried changing the jpegs to buttons, movie clips and graphic


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Re: newbie : morphing
on Oct 27, 2006 at 10:01:12 pm

any news on my post?

can u only morph shapes made in flash? is that the point?
is there a way of morphing 2 jpegs?

would appreciate some help
*patiently awaits*


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Sher Ali
Re: newbie : morphing
on Oct 27, 2006 at 10:07:20 pm

images cannot be morphed in flash.
If images have trasparency, try to morph them, by first converting them into shapes using the trace bitmap command under the modify menu.

Sher Ali

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Re: newbie : morphing
on Oct 28, 2006 at 4:16:35 pm

Hey BaMastR

Flash only morphs vector shapes, not bitmaps.
That being the case, the only way I know you can morph two jpegs is like this:

1- After importing your images, create a new layer, place one image on the stage, then from the menu choose Modify>Bitmap>Trace Bitmap. This is where you gotta tweak a bit. You're basically converting the image from a bitmap to a vector graphic.

2- Go ahead on the timeline where you'd like the change to end, hit F7 on your keyboard to create a blank keyframe, place the second image onto the stage, once again Trace Bitmap this jpeg as well.

3- Click in the gray area between the two frames and down in the property inspector panel where it says Tween, choose Shape.


Tips: To avoid the extra white space you get from jpegs, it may be easier to save your images as png-24 files with transparency. When you shape tween you may need to use shape hints, which are very easy to use. Go to Flash Help in your menu to see how you create them. As a last resort: Often, flash won't do such a great job with two very different looking images. If you have the access to After Effects, you could easily morph two shapes and export this from After Effcts for use in flash.

Hope this helps you out.

Now you see it,

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