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Flash/After Effects Help!
on Sep 20, 2006 at 12:16:52 am

I'm not too savvy in Flash, but I've got a pretty good grasp on AE. I've been tasked with creating an animated banner ad based on an After Effects animation I created in the past. I thought it would be effective to simply export the composition as an SWF from After Effects, but it turned out my 20-second composition came out to 12MB. I'd like someone to clue me in on exactly how big a file an SWF banner should be to play smoothly on load, and how I can make it happen using After Effects and Flash. I've also attempted to bring my SWF into Flash as an image sequence and as a movie clip. I got the image-sequence-based SWF down to 1.1 MB, which I'm pretty darn sure is still way too big. Thanks in advance for the help!

I'll be happy to swap After Effects knowledge for Flash knowledge.

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Re: Flash/After Effects Help!
on Sep 20, 2006 at 3:23:39 pm

I guess the sad truth is that you can either do it as you are - render in AE and end up with a big file - or face up to remaking this in a tool you don't know real well.

The *best* (but more timeconsuming, so more costly) choice may be to remake the project in Flash as vector graphics, rather than as the bitmaps you're rendering out of AE ... a skinny Flash banner *should* be coming in at not a lot of kilobytes, let alone megabytes - unless you really know that no-one not on broadband is going to come to your site.

Of course in Flash vector graphics a bunch of tricks and effects from AE won't be easy to replicate exactly, and there's a bunch of stuff that you can do that AE won't allow.

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Re: Flash/After Effects Help!
on Oct 5, 2006 at 8:48:33 am

I recently did this for a client who wanted a MySpace banner ad. MySpace demanded a 50KB or less file! Therefore I had to create vector versions of my AE file (and simplify) to get it to size.

I would check to see where your clients would like the banner ad to go, and then check the size requirements.

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