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mprzybylski unregisters cue points?
on Jul 26, 2006 at 3:29:00 pm

Hello all,
I am streaming some FLV files from a streaming server. What happens is that I'm i have an onCuePoint event that stops the stream, and it works fine. As soon as the stream hits a cue point, it pauses and waits for the user to click play or a proceed button on screen. However, I also have "chapter skip" buttons that go to the next/previous cue point. Once i start using these buttons, any subsequent cue point after i have skipped to a chapter (a cue point marker in simpler terms) does not register and no longer pauses the stream.

The code on the next/previous buttons is simple. The next button code is below:

// move to the next chapter of the stream
private function seekToNextChapter():Void
//this.previous_btn.enabled = true;

var curTime:Number = this.currentStream.time;
var curVid:Object = this._currVidObj;
var totalCues:Number = curVid.cues.length;
var newTime:Number;

for (var i:Number = 0; i < totalCues; i++)
if (curTime < curVid.cues[i].cueTime)
newTime = curVid.cues[i].cueTime;
//if (i == (totalCues - 1)) this.next_btn.enabled = false;


the code works fine, just "unregisters" all subsequent onCuePoint events, like, i can't even trace it out when i hit a cue point that it's running the onCuePoint event of the netStream.

the seekTo function is also simple:

// moves to the selected position in the stream
private function seekTo($t:Number):Void

has anyone ever ran into this problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance guys!

- Matt

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