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coordinate system whacked?

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coordinate system whacked?
on Jul 3, 2006 at 7:40:55 pm

I'm using Brendan Dawes Slide class to move two independant movie clips.

One is a very long graphic that just moves on the x axis according to a mouse click.

The other mc is the navigation panel which is to move to a different location.

Both are registration marked at the upper left corner.

I would move the background graphic into position, then move the navigation list to an area where it fit and note the x,y position.

However, though the main graphic responds correctly, the navi doesn't end up anywhere where the coordinates I've used show.

The script is:

ActionScript Code:

import com.dragslidefade.*;
mc_bckgrnd.cacheAsBitmap = true;
var mc_NaviTest:MovieClip;
var s:Slide = new Slide(mc_bckgrnd,1);
var n:Slide = new Slide(mc_NaviTest,1);
mc_NaviTest.know.onRelease = function()
{ s.moveClipTo(-1665,0,15);

mc_NaviTest.tonic.onRelease = function()
{ s.moveClipTo(-812,0,15);
mc_NaviTest.ring.onRelease = function()
{ s.moveClipTo(-2400,0,15);
n.moveClipTo(18,363,15); };

home.onRelease = function(){
s.moveClipTo(0,0,15); n.moveClipTo(570,123,15);

The navigation is just three sentences with little orb graphics. (like bullets)

In the timeline of the navigation, nothing is grouped, if that matters.

Any idea why the second movie clip wouldn't end up where the coords in the AS specify?

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Re: coordinate system whacked?
on Jul 3, 2006 at 8:22:03 pm

well, I found out a way to work. For some reason, though each mc has its registration at the top left, I have to take the coords at the center registration and it works.

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