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how do i make a movie clickable?

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how do i make a movie clickable?
on Jun 6, 2006 at 2:56:00 pm

i am using the loadmovie script to load a movie into a symbol's place. Well, after that movie loads into the symbol's place, i want that movie to be clickable as a button, that will lead to another Scene.

how do i do that?

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Re: how do i make a movie clickable?
on Jun 6, 2006 at 10:28:29 pm

The symbol receiving the new data should already be a movie clip so you just need to either use an invisible button on that symbol on the main timeline, or even better, just give it an instace name and code it on the main timeline like:

clipName.onRelease = function(){

or use a number for a frame or a getURL instead.

However, if you're wanting the text loaded into the clip to actually navigate to another place depending upon the loaded material, then you need to load a swf into the empty clip and embed a button in that swf that leads where ever you want to go.

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Re: how do i make a movie clickable?
on Jun 7, 2006 at 1:47:53 am

i dont get it.

i have a black square i made and turned it into a symbol named "Marking1SpotHolder."

i then have this code on my actions layer:
// set Marking 1 property place, x and y position, x and y scale, replace with clock.swf
setProperty("Marking1SpotHolder", _x, "122.3");
setProperty("Marking1SpotHolder", _y, "194.8");
setProperty("marking1spotholder", _xscale, "25");
setProperty("marking1spotholder", _yscale, "25");
loadMovie("clock.swf", "marking1spotholder");

i then want taht clock.swf move to be clickable to go to another scene.

i am using the clock.swf now just for testing purposes. i really want it to be a jpeg or gif or some type of still image.

how do i do this?

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Re: how do i make a movie clickable?
on Jun 9, 2006 at 8:06:42 pm

1. check to make sure "Marking1SpotHolder" is a movie clip and not a graphic.

2. create an invisible button: create a new button symbol, drag to make a small square on the first/Up frame. Drag that keyframe up in the button's timeline over to the Hit frame. So, you just have material on the Hit frame. That's an invisible button.

3. drag an instance of that button onto the stage and over the area where you're placing the Marking1SpotHolder. Name it..let's say "NavButton."

4. on the actions frame of the main timeline above your code you posted above, put this:

NavButton.onRelease = function(){
gotoAndPlay("SceneName", 1);

This way though, you'd have to put those functions for each button you have in each scene so however many scenes you have you would need to dupe that little function above that many times.

Or, you could use:

NavButton.onRelease = function(){

But it would force the movie to only move forward to each consecutive scene.

If you're looking to load a particular graphic due to a choice and then have that particular graphic upon clicking go to a particular scene, the I would just throw each graphic into it's own flash file with code in each navigating to whatever scene.

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