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Size & Compression

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Size & Compression
on Mar 31, 2006 at 11:41:29 pm

Dear experts,

I am a beginner for Flash program. I have a few questions that I really am desperate for answers.

Question 1 (size):
My teacher taught me everytime I make a flash website has to be 600 x 300 but I think this is too small.

I wonder what is the standard size for a good website? I want the website to be adjustable to the computer screen if possible.

Does the size of the work area affect the size of the file or just the pictures and text that affect the size of the file?

I did a cheesy website for my class and it ended up to be a very big file. I guess this is happened because of the pictures. However, I saw a lot of people's website that using flash, they have a lot of pictures too (real pictures) but they load very fast.

Question 2 (Compression):
How to compress the file in order to load it fast so people won't wait for loading time?

Question 3 (Scene):
If I have a lot of scenes, do scenes make the file size big and longer to load?

If I have several webpages for links, should I do it in different scenes or should I do it in scene 1 but use actionscript like on release go to and play ... and so on?

That's all my questions for now... I hope that your help will solve my questions. Thank you so much, I appreciate your help very very much..

Note: If there is a book that is good and answers these kind of questions, can you let me know what is the book name and the author, please? Thank you.

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Re: Size & Compression
on Apr 1, 2006 at 12:26:09 am

Well, as for size, 600x300 seems like a very strange size to me, and I would NEVER say there is any sort of standard size. Youll want to take into account the average screen size of your audience and subtract the amount that the browser takes up from that, and generally give it a bit of a margin beyond that. That said, I'd start around 800x600, because MOST of the people I deal with run their screens at at least 1024x768.

As for size and speed of loading, you can do a LOT of things to optomize your site so it loads (or appears to load) quickly. The first of which is having a quick server to post it on, this usually involves $$$. You can also make a lot of your content dyanamic and not contained in your flash document, but loaded as the user interacts with it.

As for scenes, most people will recommend that you avoid using them as the controls for moving around in a scene filled document can be limiting and difficult. You can usually achieve the same thing more easily, cleanly, and controlable using nested movie clips on a single timeline.

Now depending on what you mean by " I want the website to be adjustable to the computer screen if possible.", in it's simplest form you can set your flash file to scale which will just enlarge it to fill as much of the browser window as possible.

Explained here:

If you're truely looking to have the flash file rearrange the content based on the size of the users browser and screen resolution, it is a much larger task, and one that I'm not sure you're ready for (I say this based on what I percieve to be your understanding of flash from the way you worded your post, don't take that the wrong way.)


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Re: Size & Compression
on Apr 4, 2006 at 8:32:49 pm

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

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