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Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX

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E Jones
Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 9, 2006 at 5:49:47 pm

I've noticed that most of my training videos (Total Training) use Director for the interface. I would like to produce DVD roms similar to these, with an interactive interface. I really don't want to go the DVD format however (with DVDSP) since these music videos I'm creating are for computer viewing only (DVD roms) and for the web. After investigating Director I was kinda shocked at the price ($1200) and dismayed that it only produces content for the platform you're working on (in my case a Mac). I've got an older version of Flash that has been sitting on my shelf for years which I could upgrade to Flash 8 Pro a lot cheaper. Obviously, I don't know much about the program, hence my question: can Flash 8 Pro create interactive menu DVD roms similar to Director? (doesn't have to be as full featured)

The programs I currently use for my projects are After Effects 7, Cinema 4d 9.5.2, Final Cut Studio, Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, Logic Pro 7.1

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Chris Figat
Re: Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 9, 2006 at 6:07:27 pm

I don't see why it couldn't, other than shockwave 3d stuff i don't know of a good reason you have to use director (someone please correct me if i'm wrong). it used to be that flash didn't handle video well (if at all) so director was the choice for cd-roms, not the case anymore though.

I'm a little confused though, if you've got Final Cut Studio (DVD Studio Pro and Motion) and AE what do you need director or flash for in making a DVD?


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E Jones
Re: Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 9, 2006 at 6:25:20 pm

I use most all of those programs for creating the movies. Since there will be 10 to 12 movies on each DVD rom I create, I wanted to have an menu like interface for both Mac and Windows for navigating the movie list, rather than just putting all the movies in folders (one for Mac, another for Windows) on the DVD rom with no interaction (menu like interface). As I mentioned before, $1200 for Director MX and just one platform (Mac) is not a justifiable expense for me, so I was hoping that upgrading my idle Flash program to 8 Pro would be an alternative to Director.

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Re: Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 9, 2006 at 7:13:43 pm

Well, Director MX2004 is capable of making content for both PC and Mac platforms from either (that is, if you work on a Mac, you can create your project executable for both Mac and PC). It was the previous versions that did not have this functionality, and the communication of this feature is very poor (it took me several weeks of searching and asking questions before I came across someone who gave a difinitive answer, IIRC it was here on the Cow in the Director forum...).

As for your project, I think the main advantage that Director would give you would be the ability to play just about any video format available. If you were to use Flash 8, all of your video content would need to be converted to the Flash Video (FLV) format, which is not in itself a bad thing, since Flash 8 comes with a batch video converter to do just that for you, but Director would allow you to play Quicktime, AVIs, WMVs, etc without the need to convert them to another format.

I think that Flash would do a great job of setting up a menu driven (or check out Lee's XML Video Playlist tutorial at to see how you can make it driven by an XML list) video player application. The FLV file format is also a bit less standard than most others, so most users will not be able to take the FLV files off of the DVDRom and convert them to other formats or post them on the web and such.

I'm filling a need. Without me there would be no bad examples.

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Re: Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 11, 2006 at 11:09:34 am

Like a lot of other people I spent some time thinking about the flash/Director issue.
Me I am sticking with flash, mostly because my actionscript is kinda ok (ish) and I just never really liked the Director interface and the way it works.
There are a lot of quality and file size issues apparently with using using Flash,Director is still meant to handle large high res formats a lot better apparently.
There is nothing to stop one putting a couple of say mpeg2 files onto the dvd with the flash projector or .swf in a folder and having a menu somewhere in your swf that tells the user where they are if they want to play them in their own DVD player.
Its a bit clumsy yeah but for portfolio type stuff it could be a good idea.
Also flash has the fs command and I have seen a couple of tutorials where that has been used to open an .exe on windows or open windows explorer. So if there were playback problems or Flash really was not doing a good job with the movies. Something like that may well work.
I am interested in this whole subject and if anyone has any futher info or thoughts to add I would like to hear :)

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Rene Hazekamp
Re: Can Flash 8 be used in place of Macromedia Director MX
on Feb 14, 2006 at 6:30:49 pm

It depends on what you want in your dvd roms, if you want to use fullframe video you're far better off with director. -you can use .m2v files that are hardware accelerated by most graphic cards.

if not you could do with flash. unless you're planning to use shockwave 3d stuff for complicated games for instance


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