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Problems loading big swf...

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Problems loading big swf...
on Jan 13, 2006 at 12:00:10 pm

Hello. I posted my problem several times in several forums (but this is my first post here)

I haven't found a solution and the time for my project is running so fast (i'm working hard, mornings, evening, nights, but no solutions for this problem)

The Scene:
i'm programming a Projector-Flash Project that loads contents in local. It uses _levels, AS2, and a MovieClipLoader to load contents in each _level through navigation in the app.
There is some big swf (5Mb) to load, but size must not be a problem in a local-project (Kiosk CD or DVD project)

The Problem:
when i Load the swf's in the appropiate _level, the previous _level goes frozen (even a simple animation of "time to wait" during load).
I also tried a preloader technique in the swf that is being loaded with two scenes, but the animation of the first scene also is frozen until the complete load is made.

The Cause:
I think the cause of the problem has the following reason...

When i load in remote (flash web projects), there is a portion of memo/processor free. So i can make anything during this time.

When i load in local, all the resources are taken to make the load, so anything is frozen till the load is complete.

I've tried all kind of methods (Preloaders, MovieClipLoader (It only gives me 0% and 100% in events to control load), and so on... no solutions.

Can anybody solve this problem?
Thank u in advance

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Re: Problems loading big swf...
on Jan 13, 2006 at 3:30:42 pm

My experience with the projector is it doesn't do a progressive download like SWFs do on the internet. I've never used the projector to dynamically load SWFs, but I've made projectors of very large SWFs (20-75MB) and it seems to me that when you run them, they need to load the full file into memory before the projector app starts running (except for FLVs, which still seem to stream fine). It wouldn't surprise me if it were the same for the dynamically loading assets, which would only be an issue when you have large files. The fact that it freezes things that are already loaded and running is somewhat surprising to me, but not entirely unexpected.

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Re: Problems loading big swf...
on Jan 18, 2006 at 10:09:48 am

thank u so much. I was beleaving that i was becoming crazy.
Every people said me that i was mading something wrong because Flash works so perfectly...

I come from Java-World... and never everything comes perfect in Computer Science ;)

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