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End of video event

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End of video event
on Dec 16, 2005 at 11:24:56 pm


My video player is not firing an end event when it reaches the end of the video. I'm using the player from meshybeats. The play head in the swf is supposed to move to a particular frame when the end event is fired from the video, causing some text to appear. I've set up an example here:

The code for each one is exactly the same (aside from the flv filename). The 1st example doesnt work and the 2nd does. The code for each one is on the link above.

I've tried re-encoding my video in different ways as well. I thought for some reason that Sorenson wasnt injecting the metadata, but I cant figure out if the metadata is there or not. I am using Sorenson 4.2 to compress my video.

Notice the playhead in each example. In the one that works the playhead jumps back to the beginning of the scrub bar when the video is done. In the example that does not work the playhead seems to get stuck just shy of the end.

This is driving me nuts. Thanks for any help


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Sher Ali
Re: End of video event
on Dec 17, 2005 at 10:48:45 am

to load a swf movie inside a movieclip there are
two methods i.e.




The way you are loading movieclip is not correct
it should be as


Sher Ali,
Interactive Media Developer

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rene hazekamp
Re: End of video event
on Dec 17, 2005 at 3:53:03 pm

well, okay

but this doesn't explain why Sinibaldi's example 1 works and example 2 doesn't.

I also had my fair share of metadata troubles (on macs, things worked sometimes more or less but so slow that it wasn't), I never found a solution. At last I had to circumvent the problem by building my own setInterval timer.
this turned out to consume less processor power than the flaky event listener. (strange ? but true)

Hope there is a metadata guru out there, with an answer

rene hazekamp

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