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Gravity environment and rigid body layer question

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Gravity environment and rigid body layer question
on Nov 17, 2005 at 12:22:16 pm

Hello all!

Members of the After Effects forum advised me to use Flash for this particular effect that I am trying to create.
I'd like to get your expert opinion before digging deep into the subject in Flash.
Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I am trying to have several 2D flat layers (with video inside) falling from the top of the screen and landing on the bottom of the screen piling up one on top of another.

I precise that I don't want the layers to be cubes, I want to stay in a simple 2D workflow.

I also want them so have a little bit of bounce when they land (including bouncing on their corners which would logically make them rebound in somewhat of a diagonal direction) and to be able to roll down the pile.

Basically I need to create a realistic gravity fall for those layers (in a 2D environment) and I need to create interaction between the layers, meanin that their body need to be "rigid".
I also need to have all the sides of the layer to be able to rebound, and if the layer is landing on one of its corners it needs to be able to rebound to a diagonal direction, not just straight up.

What happens is that the layer on the bottom is pushed to the right
(the character inside this video pretends to "push" his own layer to the right)
Consenquently the layer on top is supposed to progressively tilt to the left, before sliding to the left, falling on the floor and bouncing a little before stabilizing.

It's important that this layer ends up on its bottom side, that's why I make it slide before the actual fall, instead of simply tilting and tiping over.

Dan's expression is perfect for a straight flat falling and bouncing on it's bottom side.
But since my layer is falling tilted and with some velocity (from the slide) it's a little more complex.

I need to make variabales so that this layer land tilted on a corner, bounce a little and stabalize flat on the bottom.

Do you think it's realisticly feasible in Flash and not too complex?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions,


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