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Thoughts on our reel

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Tom Clare
Thoughts on our reel
on Dec 4, 2018 at 10:52:03 am

We put together a new reel as a small (4 person) production company. We tried to get a bit creative with it, including some 'storytelling' VFX elements.

Please let me know what you think, all feedback is hugely appreciated!

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marco noe
Re: Thoughts on our reel
on Jan 1, 2019 at 8:01:58 pm

hey Tom,

I thought that was a great reel hope you guys are feeling proud ☺

Couple of opinions I can offer:

Opening is engaging although after watching the quality of the rest of the reel I feel like I want something more intimate that the two shots of the cyclist. What I'm picturing is a shot or two that are a little more "window into the soul" portrait type shots with super expressive eyes that will really tie to your "we bring those stories to life". Shots that are similar to but more intense and closer like the DJ one you have.

I found the shot looking up the stair well in the opening sequence difficult to know where to focus - just didn't seem to flow nor be a great representation of the beautiful images you guys capture.

Loved the OH DAM-N moment - totally my type of humour and it's a great shot ☺ as a cyclist myself I found something odd about the bike sound effect. Perhaps too loud? Or just intuitively doesn't feel like that sound either matches the speed the bike is going or the type of gears a road bike like that would commonly have if they're riding somewhere remote like that.

Lastly, something about the colour grading the wine sequence that loses energy in the whole flow of the edit for me. Is it possible to shorten that by not having to flow so far in and out of the screen perhaps? Also, I understand that colour grading is about subtle changes but in my mind a client who knows nothing about it wants to be wowed by the changes you can make to colour - felt like the bump to the curves left a bit of an underwhelming impact on the final image if you take the above perspective - don't get me wrong, i think it looks great but just saying i think you could show off a lot more here!

The closing shot: left me wondering perhaps if it'd be more impactful with a slightly stronger bass hit and additionally some wind atmospherics and wing fluttering sound effects. At the moment it feels a little long before you transition to your logo.

Ok, so the above said, I do think it's awesome and wish I had half the ability to capture images. Like I said, hope you guys are proud because I'm certainly jealous - just hoping to help ☺


p.s. i dug the VFX on the story board ;)

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Isaac David Quesada
Re: Thoughts on our reel
on Jan 6, 2019 at 5:47:36 pm

Amazing job guys!

It is very atmospheric, I can immediatly get the scenes of what you stand for. I think that is what a demo reel should show, not only the things you have done, but the things you aspire to do and the things you offer that sets you apart from everyone else.

The sound design lifts up the video and the phrases you use also sets a mood and a tone, I think I am going to borrow that idea en my 2020 demo reel (I just posted this years reel).


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Stephen Smith
Re: Thoughts on our reel
on Jan 7, 2019 at 8:28:54 pm

I liked it and thought it was a cool reel. What was the music that started around 30 seconds?

Stephen Smith

Utah Video Productions

Check out my Vimeo page

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Kevin Camin
Re: Thoughts on our reel
on Mar 18, 2019 at 3:17:46 am

This is beautiful! You're small team should be proud of the work. The sound design is great, and the interplay between slow and faster action parts is a great texturing to the piece.

My 2 cents:
•I'm coming away thinking you just do drone and event cinematography. I know less dynamic work isn't as sexy but perhaps shoot some test stuff (like the woman and zebra) where it's more actor based stuff? If this isn't your niche, please disregard.

•I really love the DaVinci part with the wine and how you zoom out to the BTS. Huge fan of this kind of treatment. I might pick a sexier shot and sexier thing to color grade. I didn't really see a change in the wine. Example, is key or path a car and change the color.

•I like the interplay of energy, but with how people consume information it was bordering on me wanting to click to the next click bait thing in my multiple browser tabs. Perhaps after the first slow and fast part, shorten the slower parts or just ramp up the rest of the reel and keep it shorter.

Awesome work!

Best regards,

Kevin Camin

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Olivier Prudhomme
Re: Thoughts on our reel
on Apr 17, 2019 at 5:04:15 pm

Really good reel. Nice work. After watching I know you guys know what you are doing.
Couple notes.
I'd make it shorter. It'll be more impactful.
I feel like there is 2 intros.
A few random shots that really don't need to be: the woman checking the oil engine... the Mercedes at the top. I know you're showing you worked for big brands, which you should, so pick a more dynamic shot (you're in the "energy/intro" part of the spot)
Reallly loved the Storyboarding and Davinci sections

Los Angeles - TV Promo Editor - Ppro - AVID

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