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Comment on my Recruitment Video

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Comment on my Recruitment Video
on Oct 31, 2007 at 3:17:35 pm

The purpose of this video is to entice aviation related college graduates to contact the client's airport for job openings.

The client wanted it to look like the airport was an exciting place to work and allows the opportunity to wear many hats and learn lots of different skills, (as opposed to a one track career that occurs at other airports.)

Let me know what you think.

TRT: 5:30
Format: h.264

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Re: Comment on my Recruitment Video
on Nov 1, 2007 at 2:34:16 pm

Very well done...Mission accomplished. I love the music, the pace, the editing, the movement.
I did feel a little long though.

You created a feel of excitement. The only thing i would have done differently is i would have shot all the other people speaking to an off-camera interviewer. With that in mind, the only thing missing is these folks talking about how much they enjoy working there.

Nice job!

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Re: Comment on my Recruitment Video
on Nov 7, 2007 at 6:21:35 pm

Congrats on a nice piece.

A few comments:

-Nice look to it. Consistent and fresh. It would be even better if they use this same look in other marketing efforts to establish a campaign.

-In general, the on-camera talent feels really stiff - like maybe they are reading from a teleprompt? :) I have found with less experienced talent, that doing more of an interview-esq approach helps them and gives them a chance to put more 'ownership' in what they are saying.

-It does feel longish as the other commenter mentioned. If the client specified the length then it may have worked a little more effectively by giving the audience a story to follow. We can only take so much 411.

Overall, nice work.


Prologue Media

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Re: Comment on my Recruitment Video
on Nov 8, 2007 at 3:12:38 am

thanks for the comments. i agree with you both.

i wish i could have been in on a pre-production meeting before the interviews were shot. They were really weak and you can tell they are reading from a prompter and never practiced before. i would have actually had the interviewees read a hand crafted script and allowed them to tell the whole story. not have all that VO. make it personal from their point of view.

what sucked was that i was only given one shot for each interview. A medium wide shot. No close up to cut to. I actually resized up on the first guy, and added a slow zoom to each interview with resize to make them intersting and force focus on the inviduals. not the background.

if i had shot this piece i would have soft focused the backgrounds and gotten a Medium to Close up shot. in my opinion they are all too far away from the camera and your eyes look all over the frame (cause its busy and all in focus) as opposed to just the person. It is good the have them in their work situation but, soft focus it i say.

The script actually was longer than this. At the point where I list the things the person does on a daily basis, there was originally 11 things. I made a decision to shorten it to like 4 or 5 without telling the client (no one wants to hear that long of a bullet list.) and they didn't even notice! saved on the editing room floor i say!

To help it not feel as long i used different music through the piece and also tried to make each segment it's own block by changing music and using a graphic transition to the new block. In reality, the script was not written with individual segments of info. it's really just one long info piece that i tried best to cut up into pseduo segments to make it feel like new thoughts were being made.

In the end, i liked editing this piece a lot. it was a big challenge. at my job i am always handed a script and footage and told to make something out of nothing and make it HOT. i get interviews from people that have never been on camera and are made into talent on the spot. i also get random b-roll footage, whatever can be shot on the day off the cuff, no pre-planning of shots. so these videos really challenge me and i think are making me a better editor, faster.

so to be able to get good remarks from you all means a lot. I try hard to make my videos the best they can be and i am still honing my skills on timing, pacing, effects, music and VO integration, etc.

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