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new reel up for review

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Trevor Ward
new reel up for review
on Oct 5, 2006 at 4:10:41 pm

Please review my reel at

-trevor ward
orlando, fl

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Re: new reel up for review
on Oct 5, 2006 at 5:56:01 pm

Good day Trevor,

You have some nice images and music, but please lose some or most of the talking head shots. They are very deadly when you are not hearing what these people are saying. If you don't want to lose some of them, try make a small montage with some of the talking heads layered throughout. To me there is no interest in seeing people talking to camera unless they are in a news package.

btveditor out

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Re: new reel up for review
on Oct 10, 2006 at 9:15:28 pm

please do not get offended by what i am about to say, i am just trying to help. i am not going to sugar coat anything, as i would not want critiques of my work sugar coated either.


I agree with him. lose the talking heads. too many of them and they serve no purpose. any editor can hold a shot of a talking head. But if you want to put them in there, i say make it clever by letting us hear what they are talking about and then use a cool transition into another talking head. (find the most emotionally pulling aspect of each and only use those. i'd say only 3 talking heads at most in a small sequence like that could work well.)

also, it seems to me like your editing reel is just a bunch of b-roll shots strung together. i don't really see any reason, rhyme or purpose to the shot choices in conjunction with each other.

That was my first impression.

So then i went back and watch aagain and noticed that you did clump some clips together that were part of a mini sequence. but first impressions are all that counts....

there really seems to be nothing tying each shot to each other. if i saw that reel on my desk i would think that the editor just found a Digital Juice Video Trax album and strung the clips together.

also, the cutting on the down beats of the song are too obvious and seem to be contrived. most cuts are on a 4 tempo beat. then you try to mix it up but it doesnt work in my opinion.

The pacing of the reel is really off in that aspect.


the one sequence i did like was the porche one.

i have a tip for improving this one which is easy to do.
how about trying to flop each shot in that sequence.

Have the guy shifting gears facing left and the shot of the porche facing to the right. I say to do this because visually when something moves from right to left on a screen <----- it seems slower visually, but if it is left to right -----> it seems faster ( just a psychological thing, but its true.) so if you flop them i think that it would work better and the car will look like it is going faster.


don't think i am dogging your reel to be mean. i am just trying to help you to improve it. people i know critique my motion graphics reel and say it is Really Good, but dont tell me what sucks about it...which is lame because how can i improve without knowing??

also, i have been reading lots of books lately and have learned alot from them and from others as well. so i want to share the knowledge with you. pick up the book, "The Eye is QUicker," and read it 3 times and you will become a better editor no doubt.

finally, if you screen Scott_ch Demo Reel on Cow you will see a great work. download that and study it and you will begin to see how every shot in each sequence seems to belong exactly where they are.


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