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Hero Tomorrow Trailer is Up

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Hero Tomorrow Trailer is Up
on Aug 26, 2005 at 3:09:15 pm

if you have a moment please check out . We shot with the Panasonic SDX900 and edited with FCP.

Ted Sikora

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Re: Hero Tomorrow Trailer is Up
on Aug 26, 2005 at 6:06:54 pm

I like the idea, Really like it...Reminds me of the old monsters of the 40s but with a 2005 approach, dark and raw, lost youth trying to express themselves in a creative and quirky way. X generation in search of self expression. Very Goth.

but feel that the way you portrayed it in the trailer can be greatly improved.

Assuming you want some feedback.....

First, the trailer should pull in your audience and leave the viewer with a compelling message or question, whereas the viewer wants more. The pacing is way to slow for me and I almost did not survive your first "scene", the concept is muddy in the way it is portrayed. Hold on I will view again (Pause)

Their is a montage of imagery, party scene, bathroom shot and fight that seem out of place, If landed on my desk I would flip everything and start with "He always dreamed of superheros" as I intercut the fisrt "establishing" Scene with off paced Super CUs of the costume being made, back to the girls reaction, then cut to putting it on then back the mother "sure I will take a look", so back and fourth developing characters, showing super CUs that are hard to distiguish... also intercut some drawings and the phone conversation...but save the reveal of the actual chracter till the payoff...then "pregnated pause" "everyone told him to get real" and then come up with a stronger payoff, BAM jumps into the back of the truck...I would leave the viewer wanting more and would not show the hero again...felt like you were stuck in character development from the start and although can be an effective approach, in this case did not work for me, I needed more info to keep me onboard. I would use emotional "throaty" voice bridges to get the pace up, create more emotion, and keep the brief moving. Voice Support on your titles I feel is mandatory.

I rarely like wall to wall music tracks but a movie trailer is the place i would cram as much music that would fit, to emphasize the emotion of a particuliar film.

Again, Maybe I would triple intercut the trailer opening with Titleing/voicesupport, Current establisher scene and super tight CUs of your "hero" getting ready then BAM hit me with the payoff and resolve to your "studio grafix" with music and sound effects.

LESS IS MORE: Humans are bombarded with information all the time, to leave a compelling impression one must use emotion. Trailers are about condensed story telling and emotion, with a payoff that leaves the viewer wanting more...did not feel this from your trialer, but felt like you guys have the visuals to get it there.

I like the quality of your imagery, lighting and overall dark feel.

NICE WORK, it is very difficult to cut a long format feature and then turn around and create a trailer, I would suspect that you are too close to the material...And your eyes are bleeding...

Look forward to seeing the film

Mind to words, sorry for bad grammer and spelling...

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Re: Hero Tomorrow Trailer is Up
on Aug 26, 2005 at 9:11:57 pm

I agree. you really need to get to the pt in the opening. trailer cutting is mostly art but there is also some science to it. Storytelling is most important. stacking images does nothing for me and unfortunately after seeing your spot i still have no idea what you film is about. I'd also try and choose your sound bites more selectively. You should be using them to tell the story not just as filler. Cards can also be used as you do in this spot but i'm not really sure you'd even need them if you did the storytelling else where. I would check out apple's site and watch those trailers to see how it's really done.


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Re: Hero Tomorrow Trailer is Up
on Aug 28, 2005 at 6:39:19 pm

If you're not looking for an entire restructure of the trailer and you're just looking to tweek it, the one thing that REALLY bugged me was the first scene. Six shots cutting back and forth between the two women, and we don't see the guy they're talking to. The way it was cut I was expecting there to big some big reveal gag, like he's actually wearing the costume they're talking about or something.
I'd show him a little earlier in the scene. I assume that those shots were cut like that in the movie and we're just seeing a small portion of the whole scene, but this is our first introduction to the movie and you have to look at how the cut looks out of the context of the 'whole' movie.
If you take that long to show who they're talking to I assume there's a reason you're keeping that information from us, other than to show that it's just 'some guy'.

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