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Strange problem with codecs when exporting with Motion 4

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Felix Lamarche
Strange problem with codecs when exporting with Motion 4
on Apr 12, 2016 at 1:51:31 am


I've been experiencing a strange issue with Motion 4 lately.

Lets say I want to export a sequence in ProRes HQ.
If I select the ProRes HQ preset in the export popup window and then go to the "option" menu, the compressor is mysteriously set to ProRes 422 Proxy (as in the picture).

If I then go to the advance menu, the compressor indicates that it's ProRes HQ. Strange.

Now, if I try to change the compressor manualy in the option menu (seen above) to "force" it to ProRes HQ, the advance menu will indicates that the compressor is set to PNG. Even more strange.

I tried with the ProRes 4444 preset, the compressor in the option menu indicates TIFF.
The ProRes 422 preset gives me a ProRes 422 LT as the compressor.
I am perplexed, to say the least.

The real problem is that there is clearly a quality issue when I export with either these settings.
The ProRes HQ preset seems to give me a proxy in terms of output quality, and the 4444, well, I'm not sure although the quality is better (probably TIFF).

Now, to complicate things a little bit, if I do a CMD+I on the exported file on my desktop, it indicates a ProRes HQ file if I chose this preset in the first menu (although the compressor was in proxy - as in the picture - and the visual quality is "proxy-esque", not HQ).

Accordingly, I'll get a ProRes 4444 file if that was the chosen setting (although the compressor indicated TIFF). Quality here is OK (no banding or compression artifacts), but the file was doing wierd glitches when imported in DaVinci Resolve for Color correction.

I feel like those files are suspicious, and cannot trust them for a post-prod workflow.

I've never encountered such a problem with the ProRes codecs, and have used Motion quite a lot before and had no issues of this type.


What I tried to fix the problem so far :

- Clearing Motion preferences with Digital Rebellion Preference Manager
- Uninstalling and reinstalling Motion, and then all the FCS apps.
- Uninstalling and reinstalling QT 7.6.6 (As desperate as I am, I figured it might help, but it didn't).
- Making sure I was up to date with the pro video format.

None of this solved the issue.


Mac is a rMBP late 2013
8 Go of RAM
i7 core
Intel Iris Pro 1536 Mo


Any help or advice would be very welcome at this point.



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Robin S. Kurz
Re: Strange problem with codecs when exporting with Motion 4
on Apr 12, 2016 at 8:12:45 am

It's because you're not rendering, but reduring... :-P [scnr]

No, but seriously folks… I'm surprised that you haven't bumped into this sooner actually. It is in fact an odd bug in 4, which I believe is caused by some sort of 3rd party codec, if I recall correctly, but it's been SO LONG. Could be OS related also. Anyway, it leads to the codec settings menu being shifted by one step. Meaning that in fact whatever is UNDER what you actually select is selected as the output codec.

Like I said, it's been FIVE YEARS, so I don't remember the exact details or whether there was a fix.

It's just trying to tell you that it's time to move on. Unless you have a 10 or more year old Mac, there really is no logical reason not to either imho. That old 32bit stuff is a true waste of resources.

- RK

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Felix Lamarche
Re: Strange problem with codecs when exporting with Motion 4
on Apr 13, 2016 at 5:16:42 pm

Thanks for your reply Robin.

I was hoping to resolve the issue, as Motion 4 was serving me well for my simple needs, but I think I'll be moving to Motion 5.

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Otto Mores
Re: Strange problem with codecs when exporting with Motion 4
on Apr 12, 2016 at 9:06:08 pm

I'm having exactly the same problem. See this thread:

Motion is suddenly very confused. It's probably something simple. If you figure it out, let me know.


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