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learn by analyzing a motion graphics video: New Vimeo Spot

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federico betta
learn by analyzing a motion graphics video: New Vimeo Spot
on Apr 26, 2012 at 12:56:00 pm

In these days I'm studing some tutorials about motion graphics, and I was looking for a good example to improve my competence.
I've found in the new Vimeo Spot both elegant, essential, clear and articulated, excellent video to study. (
To understand how it's been done, I decided to analyze it frame by frame (more or less :)
Hoping my work will help someone that is traing to refine on his own motion graphics videos. So I post my work.

I've analyzed the video with my laptop speakers... so sorry for the inaccuracies (and please sorry for english too... this is also one of my english improving lessons ;)
I considered video and soundtrack timing.
I devided video track in content and camera movement. And the (more complex) soundtrack in 5 single tracks: Voice Off, Sound, rhythm, melody and effects.
Sound stratifications shows very well how these elegant shorts are done.
I post a pdf file here ( It's a grid with timing (in seconds, so not so precise) and columns, and shows all my work.
The terms to describe the video are both technical and notional: p.e. I used "go closer" when the subject in the screen is going bigger, and I used swosh or swish or zing tring to remember how sound designers named their effects. For the musical terms... I apologize)

Ok, carry on.
Summarily, in the video every one second something happens: one or more record in the above-mentioned columns changes.
And so, casting a glance to the pdf scheme, it is clear that "anything is not changing alone", or rather: when something happens in a column, something else is changing in other one.
Semiotically there is a signal's metaphoric redundancy. That is every event is a summatory of events (metaphorically binded) cooperating to give to the watcher determined impressions.
With methaphorical bond, I mean the magical affinity that I see in the two follow chains of words:
1) high / good / fast / colored / bright / open / clean / polyphonic /...
2) Low /negative /slow /desaturated / dark /close/ distort / drone /...

(if someone know who studied this affinity please tell me something)
Obviously are only a metaphorical meaning, but in a video you can find:
The subject starts to laugh, the photography and video content become colored, a backwards dolly open on a bigger subject. In the same moment there is an open swash while the rhythm's timbre changing from distorted to clean and the melody leaves his drone feeling becaming poliphonic!
Of course is an exaggerated example (and you doesn't find in the vimeo video) but the concept counts.

Anyway. I hope my work will be helpfull for someone. I think it may be used to compare a work project to his final object. And to understand what we need to create flowing and captivating videos.
Every comments is appreciated.
Thanks a million to all ng!


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Stephen Smith
Re: learn by analyzing a motion graphics video: New Vimeo Spot
on Apr 26, 2012 at 3:20:46 pm

Looks like you have spent a lot of time studying this video. It was very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

Check out my Motion Training DVD

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