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Is this program a good platform for creating interesting and unique title animations for a non-animator beginner

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james cee
Is this program a good platform for creating interesting and unique title animations for a non-animator beginner
on Nov 25, 2011 at 1:41:06 pm

I want to put some titles in to a project that are better than simply text on a background or over footage but I'm not an animator and have minimal time to complete my project. From what I can gather, the Motion program never got that much industry adoption and wasn't like by animators however I messed around with it and a training manual for a week once and thought that it was fairly good at delivering professional looking results without the operator requiring a great deal of skill. I can edit but I know nothing about animation or title creation and need to be guided through the process as much as possible. It strikes me the reason animators apparently don't like motion is probably because it is better suited to an amateur like myself and perhaps doesn't offer as much control as a pro would need. I may be wrong about this, I'm just guessing Anyway on this assumption I thought it'd be well suited to my particular needs, would I be right about this?

Anyway as to the details of my project. The titles will appear only briefly, as part of a reel, I want them to introduce projects before they're shown on screen so it's most likely I'll have them appearing on their own background or against black. Depending on what looks best I'd consider putting them over the video, but i think I'd rather this approach.

I'll need to try a few options once I get in to the program but as a starting point I'm picturing the titles as still, non-moving but I'd like emulate the appearance that they're on bad quality film stock that's scratched up and I'd also like to emulate a projector initially paying too slow for the flicker fusion thing to kick in: that is I want the motion of the individual successive 'frames' of film passing through the gate to be discernible. I'd then like the process to speed up until the titles appear solid as they would when the projector is operating at normal playback speed. I'd also want to introduce a kind of 'shudder' effect, I'm not sure what the real world analogue for this would be in regards to the projector but basically the machine would for some reason be unable to keep the image stable on the screen and there'd be a kind of juddering of the text moving around slightly. I think what I'm describing is probably a pretty cliched look but I'm also hoping it'd be something easy to achieve in motion and hopefully in a short time. Does anyone know what kind of approach and effects I'd need to use and to get my head around to create titles like my description?

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AJ Robinson
Re: Is this program a good platform for creating interesting and unique title animations for a non-animator beginner
on Nov 26, 2011 at 2:38:11 am

Fortunately, you can create all of that in Motion's great features, but as far as making professional titles, you can go with LiveType (another apple product)

It is easy to create the badfilm look with apple motion, Filters>Stylize>Bad Film, or Bad TV
If you want to create your own custom scratches you can use the bezier draw tool special brushes.

You can make a shuddering effect two ways; Making a new camera and applying random motion (behaviors>simulations>random motion) to the cam, or you can apply the earthquake effect, (filters>distortion>earthquake) to the text.

Depending on the title, and some intermediate skills, you could create a good looking title matching your description in Motion.

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