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Need advice for an "Inception"-like gag in Motion 4

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Mark Suszko
Need advice for an "Inception"-like gag in Motion 4
on Aug 26, 2011 at 4:00:57 am

The scene: a locked-off wide shot in HD of me in my edit bay, camera is in a doorway in a rear corner of the suite, a 3/4 view from over my right shoulder side.

The chair and I are greenscreened in using the same camera, but on a green set.

I want to make a master "Plate" of the edit room, and map that image as a still onto simple flat planes in 3-d in Motion that replicate the geometry of the physical room which is a rectangular box with a few rectangular racks protruding, and the cinema displays.... basically making digital set extensions, but not so much extensions as clones of parts of the plate.

The final version is intended to be: I appear to hit a key on the keyboard, My chair and I dissolve out, the planes with sections of the mapped plate shot on them all tumble in random directions like old fashioned stage flats and dissolve out, revealing a white, Star Trek holosuite-like, cube-shaped empty room with a subtle grid pattern on the walls and floor. (for that I'll use 5 iterations of the same circular gradient washed panel with grid lines added in photoshop, connected in Motion's simulated 3-d space.)

I'll use Garage Band later to make my own version of the Inception sound effect "BBBwwaaaammmmm...."

This doesn't have to be as good as a real scene from the movie, it's parody and only an oblique passing reference, shot will be aound three-to-five seconds. But I want it to look convincing enough to trick the eye as "normal" for about three seconds before the virtual set "falls apart". I'm okay with the green screen, and building the empty box. I'm mostly concerned about the perspectives of the image-mapped planes matching up to the plate and how much warping of the imagery I might have to do and how.

I'm wondering if besides my main plate, I shouldn't pack a DSLR to the shoot and take individual shots of the racks and panels and desk, etc. in the room, each from 90 degrees head-on. Then perspective "should" take care of itself when I set the 3d camera to the same settings as the real lens, yes?

Any tips at all are welcome, we shoot Friday morning. I'll need to go deeper.... in post:-)

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Stephen Smith
Re: Need advice for an "Inception"-like gag in Motion 4
on Aug 30, 2011 at 3:37:26 pm

I would take a picture of the room. In Photoshop cut out certain images and feel the hole the missing items leave. If possible take a picture of the room then remove the items and take another picture and glue it all back together in Photo shop. then in Motion you can animate those items separately. Have fun.

Stephen Smith
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