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Motion Crashing on Export

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Brandon Smith
Motion Crashing on Export
on Dec 18, 2010 at 6:25:00 am

I'm working on a photo montage, of sorts, in motion. The montage contains alot of drop zones with pictures in them, as well as several camera movements. The video is about 6:30 long, which I realize now is probably longer than motion was intended to handle.

In any case, I edited most of the video rendered at half resolution, because motion was running very slow with it rendered at full res. When I finished, I exported the video at half quality, and it worked just fine. Then I duplicated the file, and tried upgrading the video quality to full. Exporting the video at full quality has become a nightmare and I don't know how to fix it.

The first few times I tried exporting with the video on full quality, the export window would open but would get stuck on frame 1 of 11,000 and never move. Eventually, either motion would crash, or the progress window would go away, and the exported movie would pop up. The movie would usually only contain the first 1-10 frames though. It's as if motion thought it had finished the job, even though it hadn't.

This morning I experienced better, but still frustrating results. Since this morning, here is what happens nearly every time I export. It begins exporting at a snail's pace--about 1-3 frames per minute. It does this until it hits 30 frames. It's like clockwork; once it hits 30 frames, it begins exporting at a fairly good clip. What's odd about this is that the first 30 frames involves very little movement or anything complex.

It exports about 60% of the video, and then at that point, the export slows down to snail speed again; the little preview box next to the progress bar soon goes to a black screen, and after a few minutes motion crashes. I would say most of these crashes have all occured within about 5-10 frames of each other.

It does appear that the part where this crash happens is a spot where the camera is moving and there are a bunch of pictures on the screen at once. Is the problem that I've created too much information for my graphics card or RAM to handle?

I've tried just about everything I can think of. I tried exporting in a different codec. I tried doing file->share->send to compressor. It sent the file to compressor, but when I submitted the job, it never moved pased 0% complete even though I left it running for about three hours. I tried importing the file into FCP, and exporting that way. It usually either crashes FCP, or the progress bar sits at 0% forever when exporting. I have every program, and even the wifi turned off.

I don't know what else to do. I just want to export the video and be done with it, but I have been fighting with it for 2 days now, and don't know what the solution is, besides living with the crappy resolution of the first export I did. Any ideas or work arounds?

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