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Reason Enough to Upgrade to iMac Quad i7?

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Taliesn Jones
Reason Enough to Upgrade to iMac Quad i7?
on Feb 1, 2010 at 9:09:42 pm

OK , I read the one response to a Motion 4 *performance* question and read David Bogle's response which was too the point in requiring *boucoup specificity*. Using that as a model for posing a question I enter through the glass darkly.

Have a 24" 3.0.6 CoreDuo iMac w/ 8 GB's rack o' RAM pre-loaded/512 MB Geforce 130. Highest end at time of release ( 1st week in April 2009 / ATI card was not yet shippng )

Had bought the FinalCiut Studio 2 Suite *just* to get my hands on *Motion* initially for its truly amazing *animated brush engine* ( which AE CS4 has yet to come close to even touching ) for a hard deadline commission due first end of May. Job paid for said iMac , FinalCut Studio 2 , and upgrade to Adobe Production Premium Suite CS4 from AE 6.5.

New Situation:
I've so fallen in love with *Motion 3's* signature FX ( as in no counterpart in AE CS4 ) , work approach, and most of all Motion 3's *Live Feedback* that I began massive experimentation with multiple FX on multiple layers and I believe I've finally hit my 3.0.6 iMac Core2 Duo's live feedback glass ceiling. With *no* other app playing in the background I had Prefs_Cache setting to 80%. I've since upped it 90% of 8 GB's RAM and *still* , with unnecessary layers *off* , *Motion* continues to force me to experience total freezes for anywhere from 30 to 240 sec's between simple execution command to response while Motion *thinks about it*.

Like AE CS4 , Motion3 renders like a house afire , but these ever more frequent *Matrix-like* freezing of time while it thinks about a command and then catches up so I can be allowed to proceed are driving me up the wall. ( Think of it as if you're playing electric guitar in the heat of creativity and you have to wait for the amplifier to respond some 30 sec's to 3 mins later to the chord you just strummed. Absolutely *destroys* stream of consciousness creativity sessions.)

Question: Therefore , since the live feedback of in-process work is hanging up while Motion *thinks about things* I'm surmising that this has more than a little to do with my reaching the limits of my Core2 Duo's performance sooooooo.....
"Is this reason enough to upgrade to the iMac Quad Nehalem i7 w/ the full compliment of 16 GB rack-o-RAM and the highest end ATI that now ships with it AND is there enough of a difference this upgrade will provide in *live working feedback* to make it worth the expense?

BTW: I'm planing on investing in a MacPro after I get paid for this pending job , but the reason I'm choosing to sell my current iMac privately in order to cover some cost of a newer $3k+ iMac is due to this being a *live performance* gig * of animations* created for digital projection on a huge screen over the symphony orchestra performing live. I've found the iMac to be infinitely more portable than the cinder block carved out of aluminum that the G5 form factor is while still being more economically efficient than a laptop and I have the extra bonus of having a 24" screen.

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