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drop zones?

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james laan
drop zones?
on May 2, 2009 at 4:07:43 am


i wondering how to create 3d objects and change them into drop zones and then save them as templates to access in fcp?

any help would be helpfull.


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david bogie
Re: drop zones?
on May 4, 2009 at 6:06:39 pm

Saving as templates is covered in the manual.
Crating drop zones is, umm, covered in the manual.

Here it is:

Creating New Templates
In addition to using and customizing the templates that ship with Motion, you can also build your own templates from scratch. Template files contain everything that ordinary projects do, including media objects, text objects, shapes, generators, behaviors, and filters, in any combination.

You can create custom templates for commonly used shots that you regularly create. For example, if you make titles for a news program, you can create templates for the opening title, interstitial graphics, bumpers, and whatever other repetitious shots you regularly create. Once saved as a template, you can quickly load the necessary template and, instead of having to create a new title from scratch, simply customize it with new dates, title text, and exchanged graphics and movies to reflect the requirements of each new program.

Templates are simply Motion files that are saved in a special way. To create a new template, create the layout you need just like with any other Motion project. In preparation for using the layout as a template, you should keep the following things in mind:

Naming Objects in the Layers List
The names you give to the groups and layers in your template should indicate each object’s function. For example, you might name the text objects in a titling template “Main Title,” “Starring,” “Guest Star,” and so on. If you use visual elements in the template’s composition, describe their purpose, such as “Background Texture,” “Divider,” “Main Title Background,” and so on. This way, when someone else wants to customize your template, it’s easy to see what they’re supposed to do with it.

Using Drop Zones
Drop zones provide a way for template users to intuitively and quickly replace footage in a template. There are two ways to create drop zones. The first creates a drop zone from scratch, and the second converts an existing object into a drop zone.

To create a new drop zone
The Image tab of the Inspector contains controls to adjust the drop zone:

Drop Zone: A checkbox that toggles whether an object is a drop zone.

Fit: A pop‑up menu where you can choose between three different methods of object placement within the drop zone. Values can be selected from Fit, Center, and Stretch. Fit automatically modifies the Scale parameter so the new media is scaled proportionally to fit the dimensions of the drop zone. Center does not modify the object in any way, merely centering it in the drop zone. If media of a different resolution than the project is used, the new resolution is used without any changes to the Scale parameter. If Stretch is selected, the dropped object is scaled and stretched to fit the dimensions of the drop zone.

Clear: A button that clears the image from the drop zone, replacing it with the default generic placeholder graphic.

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